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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Purpose of this Guide
The Purpose of this guide will be to give beginner players a detailed overview of League of Legend's gameplay, key skills, and important information to give players a leg-up on the competition. While this guide was specially designed for those who haven't yet played a game of League of Legends, we heavily recommend that all League of Legend players take a look at the guide as well if only to reinforce their knowledge and to give us feedback.

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If you have just started playing League of Legends and are looking for a crash-course, you should head over to the Gameplay Overview, Your first game and the Basic Concepts section to read up on the bare facts of what you are looking at when you start up a round of League of Legends.

So you have played through the tutorial, have few practice games under your belt and know the difference between a creep and a tower, now what? Well, you should read through the Laning and Communication sections and watch walkthrough videos for both Ashe and Master Yi to get yourself prepped for your first actual games with other beginner players. Knowing your role within your team as well as communicating with your teammates can mean the difference between victory and losing 5 kills to 13 deaths.

For the more advanced players out there, we have provided more complex sections including Ganking/Pushing, Jungling, as well as reference pages for both Hotkeys and often used terms and phrases

This beginner's guide should provide you with a strong platform that should help you through the learning curve and on your way to becoming a proficient League of Legend player. As time goes on, we will supplement this guide with other guides on more advanced techniques as well as quick guides and build orders for Champions.

Please post all feedback and suggestions within our Feedback Topic!