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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Your First Game
Players may begin a game in two different ways, either versus bots or humans. By searching for a 'Normal Game' in the 'Solo' queue or in the 'Arranged Team' queue you will face five human opponents, while selecting 'Co-op vs. AI' you will be part of a human team versus AI bots. As a beginner, you will most likely be searching solo, but if you have friends on the game already, that will help you a lot by joining a knowledgeable team that can support you in your first games.

Once the queue has been joined and a game has been found (~25 - 30 seconds), you will be given the option to 'Go to Champion Select' immediately or 'Finish What I was doing' (for players who want to redo their runes/masteries quickly). As a beginner, you should simply go to the champion select screen and choose your champion.

Which Champion do you choose?

You should go to this section to see which champion you would like to try first. Champions can be broken down into Tank, Mage, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS and Support. Despite this, champions in the same class can vary in terms of how they play, some are easier to start out with than others. This in mind, you should try out the "easier" champions to master:

Tank: Alistar, Nunu, and Cho`Gath
Mage: Annie and Ryze
DPS: Ashe, Tristana, and Sivir (all ranged)
Support: Taric, Soraka and Sona.

Stick to one Champion!
Sticking to one Champion makes it much easer to learn how to play League of Legends. It is hard to learn the basics when you switch between different types of Champion each game and once you find one you like, you can permanently 'purchase' your hero once you gain enough IP.

Once you have chosen your Champion, you will be asked to choose two Summoner Spells. These are useful global spells you can cast on yourself or allies to help swing close battles. At the start you will only have access to the first few summoner spells, and guidance on which ones to take will be covered in the guides for each hero and later in this guide. The next stage will be to select your runes, which as a new player, you will not yet have, so don't worry too much about that and see the later explanation in this guide as to what runes do. The third and final post selection stage is your champion's skin (appearance), which, again you will not have the option to change in your first game.

After you have chosen your champion and spells, you should use the time remaining to talk to your team and try to formulate a plan. It will be hard to coordinate with four other random solo players, more than likely someone will volunteer to 'take the mid', and then you should watch where your team members go. Pair up with the player (either top or bottom, not mid) who is alone.

Once the game begins, you will need to draw on the lessons of this guide's video tutorials for specifics of what to do.

Remember to Teleport!
When you are low on health or need to return quickly back to the fountain or the shop, hid behind a tower and use the "Recall" summoner power (hotkey: 'B'). This lets you warp instantly back to base and saves you a lot of time.