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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Champion Overview
League of Legends has a few distinct champion types; these are Tanks, Damage Dealers per Second (melee or ranged), Mages, Support and Hybrids. Each group has their own unique characteristics and strengths. This part of the beginner's guide will shed some light on the champions of the League of Legends and to give you a basic look at what they can do.


Tank champions are the heroes who try to take all the damage in the team fights, they usually have Area of affect stuns to help disable enemy champions setting up their team mates to do damage to the enemy. Tanks will also generally have high health regeneration and high armor/ magic resistance values. These are the stats that reduce incoming damage, helping to "tank". Their base health towers in comparison over other heroes, but in doing this they sacrifice damage output and also struggle with mana regeneration.

Tanks Role: Soak damage, Disturb enemy damage dealers, Crowd control, protection

Recommended Tank items:

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Heroes (click on the portrait for more information)

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Several keys to remember with tanks and non tanks trying to make themselves tanks via items is that one of the most defining aspects of the tank, is the ability to initiate team fights. Initiating is the act of throwing a group of enemies in disarray and confusion, often forcing the enemy to start damaging the initiating tank. This lets the much more frail, yet much more dangerous mages and physical dps champions engage freely for a certain amount of time, dealing enough damage to kill the enemies. These abilities are general powerful area of affect disables. Examples are Alistar's pulverize ability, Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy, and Malphites Unstoppable Force. Solid beginner tanks are Alistar, Amumu, and Cho`Gath.