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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Champion Abilities, Spells & Statistics
Whenever you are in a match in League of Legends, you have a host of abilities, items, and spells at your disposal. Knowing how each ability or spell acts will be important in determining what your play style will be.

Summoner Spells

These can be used to help you in your battles with the enemy champions. Spells like Ghost, which increase your movement speed, and Cleanse, which removes magical effects and crowd control effects from your champion, can be used to escape dangerous situations. Where as Exhaust can be used to help you kill an enemy champion, or tilt a 1v1 in your favor, as it blinds your enemy (cannot hit with their basic attack), reduces their movement speed, and makes them more susceptible to magical and physical damage. Other powers like Heal have more of a team fight effect helping you and your allies stay in the fight for longer. These spells generally have cooldown of about 210 seconds, and can be cast on enemies near you or on yourself.

Champion abilities

You start with one point/level to put into your champions 3 regular powers (hotkeys Q,W,E), and as you level up you will gain more points to level up your skills improving them in a number of ways. For example making the ability more damaging, or a slow having greater effect, or lasting longer or having less cooldown. At lvl 6, 11 and 16 your first, second and third levels of your champions ultimate become available. The ultimate ability (hotkey R) is a powerful ability unique to each champion which generally is key to winning team fights, and will have a significant cooldown, anywhere from 60 seconds to 150 for example.

You are better off leveling two abilities alternately and leveling your Ultimate ability when you can. Wielding a level 3 or 4 ability early on can open up opportunities for kills, ganking, survival or just lane control.

Crowd control
More or less each champion in League of Legends has an ability that can be used to slow, stun trap or snare and enemy champion. There are also less common crows control effects like silence and fear which can feature as well. They also vary in duration and size or area of effect.
  • Slow: Will slow your champion, you can still move but at reduced speed, and can still cast all your abilities and summon spells
  • Stun: Will stop you from moving for a short period 1 - 3 second typically, and also prevent you from casting any abilities or spells for the duration. This is a very powerful crowd control when combined with a high damage source.
  • Snare: Will pin you in place for a short duration, but will leave you capable of using some abilities and your summoner spells.
  • Fear: Will cause you to lose control of your champion temporarily, obviously stopping your from casting abilities or spells for the duration, It will also cause your champion to move slowly in random directions.
  • Silence: Will stop you from casting any abilities or spells for the duration.
Damage types
  • Physical Damage or Attack Damage: This is the damage that is dealt by your normal, basic attack (items aside) and some abilities which deal damage based on your attack damage. Physical damage is negated by armor; for 1 point of armor you can take 1% of your HP more in physical damage, such that 100 armor halves the damage dealt to you. Physical damage can be increased by using abilities that temporarily buff your attack damage and far more commonly by purchasing Attack Damage (AD) items from the shop.
  • Life Steal: Converts a percentage of the damage dealt by a champion's physical attack to health. Life steal is calculated from the actual damage done to an enemy, after armor reduction. This statistic scales additively, meaning that each bonus point acquired directly affects the statistic. Most champions begin with 0% base life steal.
  • Magical damage: This is the damage type dealt by most champion most to a target. It is negated by Magic resistance which works in the same way as armor in that each point allows you to take 1% of your HP more in magical damage, and at 100 magic resist you will have incoming magical damage reduced by half. Magical damage can be increased by buying Ability Power (AP) items from the shop and also by activating any champion abilities that increases ability power.
  • Spell Vamp: Converts a percentage of the damage dealt by a champion's magical abilities to health. Spell Vamp is calculated from the actual damage done to an enemy, after magic resist. This statistic scales additively, meaning that each bonus point acquired directly affects the statistic. Spell vamp is only 1/3 as effective for area-of-effect or multi-target spells.
  • Health: Simply, how much damage post-armor reduction you can take.
  • Mana: Casting abilities costs mana and as such the pool you have will affect how often you can afford to cat you abilities.
  • Attack Damage: All champions have attack damage that influences the strength of their normal attack which deals physical damage.
  • Ability Power: Is 0 for all champions at all level (abilities excluded) and will require the purchasing of ability power items to be raised.
  • Movement Speed: All champions start with 300-330 movement speed, with melee DPS being the fastest champions generally, then ranged DPS and finally mages and tanks being the slowest relatively.
  • Armour: Reduces the amount of physical damage you take, 1 point of armor effectively increases your total HP by 1% when physical damage is considered, at 100 armor physical damage dealt to you is halved. All champions will gain armor upon leveling up, such that at level 18 they have around about 70 - 80.
  • Magic Resistance: Reduces the amount of magical damage you take, 1 point of magic resistance effectively increases your total HP by 1% when magical damage is considered. All champions start with 30 magic resistance though this number does not increase upon leveling up.
  • Dodge: Dodge gives your champion a chance to completely avoid an enemy physical attack. Attacks avoided in this way will deal 0 damage and will not apply 'on-hit' effects. However, abilities which significantly modify the champion's attack such as Twisted Fate's Pick a Card, Nidalee's Takedown, and others will always strike, even when dodged. Dodge scales multiplicatively, meaning that if you have two sources of dodge each providing 10%, you would have 19% dodge (0.9 chance to be hit * 0.9 chance to be hit = 0.81 chance to be hit)
  • Critical Chance: The chance that your basic/normal attack will score a critical strike on a target, that is a normal attack hit that can hit for 200% damage. All champions have some innate level of critical chance, which does increase very slightly with leveling, though mostly this is increased with items bought from the shop.
  • Cooldown reduction: Cooldown reduction reduces the amount of time you must wait after casting an ability before that ability can be utilized again. Ability cooldowns cannot be reduced by more than 40%. This statistic scales additively, meaning that each bonus point acquired directly affects the statistic.