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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

The Summoner
The summoner is the out of game persistent entity which you are meant to embody. There a number of facets to the summoner which can help improve your in-game champions perfomance, namely Summoner Spells, Runes and Masteries. Also, it is the Summoner Profile which gets the Influence Point currency attached to it, and has a levelling system in place (level 1 - 30). Influence points (IP) are awarded after finishing a game, win or lose, though winning grants more IP. XP is likewise awarded win or lose after each game, but winning awards more, and helps you progress to higher levels faster, with level 30 being the max.

The Store

This is the out of game mechanism where players can spend Influence Points (IP) that they earn from games and Riot Points (RP) which can be bought in the store. On sale in the store are champion skins, champions, champion bundles, runes and IP and XP boosts (a 1/3/7 day upgrade which boosts your XP or IP from games you play). Riot points can be used to buy everything in the store apart from runes, which must be bought using influence points only, and IP can be used to buy runes and champions.

Summoner Spells

As your summoner profile levels up from playing games and earning XP you will unlock more summoner powers for use in game. It is worth noting though, at level 1 you are not greatly disadvantaged from not having the higher level powers. Personally, I regularly use ghost and exhaust, both level 1 spells in most of my games.

IPB Image
Exhaust: Available level 1
Reduces damage dealt and movement speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds, also reduces Attack Speed by 50% for the duration.

IPB Image
Garrison: Available level 1 (Dominion Only)
Allied capture point: quickly restores the neutralized portion and increases its attack speed for 8 seconds. Interrupts nearby enemy champion's neutralization.

Enemy capture point: Reduces damage by 80% for 8 seconds. (Cannot be cast on neutral capture point.)

IPB Image
Ghost: Available level 1
Your Champion ignores unit collision and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds.

IPB Image
Heal: Available level 1
Restores 90-345 x (depending on level) health to your Champion and nearby allies.

IPB Image
Revive: Available level 1
Instantly revives your Champion at your Spawning Pool, and gives a movement speed bonus for a short duration.

IPB Image
Smite: Available level 1
Deals 490-1000 true damage (level dependent) to target minion or pet.

IPB Image
Teleport: Available level 1
After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to target friendly minion or turret.

IPB Image
Cleanse: Available level 2
Removes all debuffs from your champion and reduces the duration of subsequent stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps and immobilizes by 65% for the next 3 seconds.

IPB Image
Clarity: Available level 6
Restores 40% of your champions maximum mana and nearby allies.

IPB Image
Ignite: Available level 7

Ignite is a damage over time spell that targets a single champion, dealing 50 damage plus 25 damage per level over 5 seconds and reduces the target's healing and regeneration by 50%. This damage is not lowered by armor or magic resistance.

IPB Image
Clairvoyance: Available level 10
Reveals an area of the map for 5 seconds (castable anywhere).

IPB Image
Flash: Available level 12
Teleports your Champion to target nearby location. Does not dodge targeted projectiles (you can dodge skillshots tho).


As a beginner you will have no runes, they require influence points to purchase, so you will not need to worry about filling your rune book just yet. You will also notice that most of the rune book is greyed out or unavailable, so not only do you not have the IP to buy runes, but you will only have 1 slot to put one in anyway at level 1. As you gain XP and level up from playing games more slots will become available, with the final slot being opened at level 30.

So no need to worry about runes immediately but to give you an appreciation of the effect they can produce here are some examples of rune selection.

For Melee DPS: Jax

= 16195 IP

For a standard AP caster like Annie.

IPB Image
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= 8610 IP

There are 261 Runes in the store, 87 per tier; 1, 2 & 3, with tier 3 being the most powerful in effect, but also the most expensive. There are runes to boost every statistic a champion has, and even some independent attributes like ability cooldowns, experience gain and gold income. However, standard rune pages will be composed of ability power, attack damage, mana regen runes and other more direct stat boosting runes.

Some players will opt for scaling runes, runes that increase in power as your champion levels up in game, these provide the biggest boosts, but late game these boosts are relatively small compared to items players will have bought. Others will opt for the flat boost runes, which deliver much less of a bonus but do so from the start, likewise these runes can be equivalent to a cheap starting item and are not too powerful either. Runes are simply a small token to bring more advanced tactics into champion builds at higher levels of play.

The first runes you should buy are Flat Armor Seals. They cost 205 for one and provide the most efficient rune because Armor is always useful.

A detailed review of the runes will come soon showing you which runes are best for what champions, which ones are not very effective, or are defunct to a similar but better rune. Rune advice is also given in champion guides.

For now though, beginners should simply appreciate that players of a much higher level will have access to runes and that they can have a noticeable but not overwhelming effect on the game.


As your summoner profile levels up from gaining XP, you will gain a mastery point per level which you can put into your masteries page in your summoner profile.

IPB Image
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There are three masteries sections you can invest in, Offense, Defense and Utility. Just to give you some idea of you can use and how many you can use, to go all the way to the final mastery in any given section will require 21 points.
  • Offense: For DPS characters, whether they are melee, ranged or mages. This tree has a variety of damage and ability enhancing masteries which you can level up, including armour and magic penetration masteries, attack speed masteries, critical chance and critical damage masteries and the final mastery which increases physical and magical damage by 5% if you hit targets with less than 50% health. (a very useful little boost).
  • Defense: This tree is for tanks mostly, but can also be useful to DPS heros who have very effective rune builds and want to spread out their stats a little more. It has armour and magic resistance masteries, dodge masteries, damage blocking masteries, HP boosting masteries, with the final mastery reducing all damage dealt to your champion by 3% (on top of all the other tankiness).
  • Utility: This tree is for Mages and support characters who need to rely on mana and abiltiies very heavily. This tree has mana regen masteries, death timer reductino masteries, experience boosting masteries (for your champion), neutral buff masteries, movement speed masteries, cooldown reduction masteries, with the final mastery increasing your movement speed by 3%.
A more comprehensive guide of masteries will be given separately from the beginners guide, and mastery advice is also given in detail in champion guides.

Again as a beginner you will only have 1 point to spend, which honestly should go into 'Summoner's Wrath' if you take Exhaust and/or Ghost as a summoner spell or 'Summoner's Resolve' if you take heal. Putting one point into anything else is going to have next to no noticeable effect in your game.