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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

The Shop & Items
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The in-game entity where you can buy items to improve the base stats of your champion. Here you can spend the gold you earn from last hitting enemy minions and killing enemy champions to buy items, these items are arranged into subcatagories:
  • Defense: Where Health, Magic Resist, Health Regen and Armour items can be bought.
  • Attack: Where Damage, Critical Strike, Attack Speed and Lifesteal items can be found.
  • Magic: Where Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction, Mana and Mana Regen items can be bought.
  • Movement: Where movement speed increasing items can be bought
  • Consumables:: Where consumable items like health and mana potions can be bought.
To access the shop simply click on it (see picture).

IPB Image


Whilst the basic catagories of items have been covered, attack, defense magic and consumables, some items have different methods of action and special properties which you will need to appreciate.


These items are activated or 'consumed' by clicking on them in your inventory. Health and mana potions restore health and mana respectively and will display a visual effect on your hero to let you and the enemy know thats whats happenening. This is also true of the stat boosting consumbles, elixirs, which will give your character a glow dependent on the elixir you used, also note that elixirs only last 4 minutes, and provide buffs dependent on your champion level. Other consumables like sight or vison wards can be placed to provide Line of Sight and stealth detection respectively. These are important to maintain map awareness and prevent ganks from sneaking up on you.

Passive Abilities:

These are abilities of medium to high power items that simply produce an effect however listed passively, i.e there is nothing to do on your part to produce this effect it will do so automatically. Also note that effects listed ONLY as passive: can stack up to 6 times (max inventory).

Unique Active Abilities:

Active abilties can be activated by clicking on the item (and in some cases targeting an enemy champion) and also by clicking the item hotkey, 1-3, and 4-6 depending on where the item is in your inventory. Once activated they will produce a unique effect i.e it cannot be stacked in activated form and the effect will last for one hit or a short time duration, before going into cooldown like any other ability, which you can see from the timer now over the item in your inventory.

Unique Passive Abilties:

These work exactly like passive abilties mentioned earlier, but crucially cannot be stacked at all, they can only be prodcued once on any champion. So buying 2 of a given item that gives a UNIQUE passive: will mean you only get one unique passive effect on your champion, whatever it may be, the second one will only be providing the stat bonus' and effects listed prior to the unique ability.

Unique Auras:

These are area of effect buffs to nearby allied champions. They cannot stack for ppl who do not have the item, but if you and another champion have the same aura giving item you will be buffed once by your own aura and a second time by theri aura. All auras can stack ONLY twice in this way, all other players will still only get one aura, and if a third person was to buy the same item they would gain a second aura and not generate a third for the existing item holders.
Auras items are good team items as they will allow the whole team to benefit in team fights when you are all close together.