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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

In League of Legends there are three lanes where the two opposing teams must fight each other. Since there are five players, the top and bottom lanes will generally be two on two's whereas the middle lane is generally a one on one. The lane phase is very crucial in the development of your champions development as its the phase where the main goal is to gain experience and gold via last hitting enemy minions. It is important that all champions be "farmed" enough to be able to stand tall in the inevitable team fights, and therefore it is imperative that communication is kept up between allies. An example is that the play in solo mid can't focus on what the other four opponents are doing and needs to be informed of their potential moves against him/her.

The "mia" call

"Where was the mia on twitch?!"

It's likely all will read something similar to this in their League career. To start, what is an Mia? Mia means Missing in Action, and thus is used to designate any enemy champion that you have lost tabs on. If you don't see a certain champion for a significant period of time (generally 10-15 seconds) call that champion missing in action. The purpose of this MIA call is to make sure an ally in a different lane know that an enemy could try to kill them. The reason this is so imperative is that you can hopefully starve the missing hero of champion kills while keeping all your allies in their lane long enough to get the needed experience and gold. Champions can feed off of both minion and champion kills, but champion kills are more rewarding and can lead to an enemy being "fed". This means that the items and experience of a fed champion is much higher than anyone else which makes said champion nigh unstoppable.

There are different ways of notifying people of missing heroes and confirmed gank attempts. One can either type out "Mia" in the chat log, or ping a path showing the direction of an enemy. A ping is a flashing Blue dot on your minimap that can be placed by all allies. To ping yourself, either click "G" on your keyboard and left click on the field, or click the exclamation point on the upper left part of your minimap then click on the field or map.

IPB Image
Watch out! The enemy team is MIA, don't cross their jungle alone!

Keep your allies informed

If your in the top or bottom lane you will likely have a lane partner. Keep them informed of what your doing and what you want to do. It is important to tell people when you are going back to spawn. You dont want your ally to rush forward thinking he's accompanied only to realize hes alone. When team fights start spouting, ping your targeted champion so that your team will knwo to focus. This helps make sure high priority targets are brought down swiftly. Ask your team If you want help with killing key neutrals, like Dragon or a Golem/Lizard for the buff.