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League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Jungling is what it is called when you go in the forest between the lanes and level up/gain gold by killing the camps. The advantage of jungling is that it allows two solo lanes so that there are two higher leveled people on your team, and if you are efficient enough, you can also be higher leveled than the dual lane.

These are the different aspects of a jungler
  • Speed: How fast he can kill the creep camps and the entire jungle.
  • Survivability: Is he able to sustain a high amount of health during the process? Or he is very susceptible to counter jungling?
  • Sustainability: If he can sustain the jungling without going back to base every time because of different factors.
  • Ganking: The ability to gank a lane.
  • Invasion: The ability to counter-jungle.
  • Path/Item builds: How versatile the champion is with the path (where does he start jungling) and items (if he can itemize accordingly to the enemy team).
Ganking is one of the most important aspect of jungling. It dictates the pace of laning and inputs pressure into overextended enemies. Some champions can perform ganks at the early levels (2 onwards), others gets more successful with at higher levels.

The next important skill to perform is Counter-jungle, not all the junglers can do well in this aspect (that's why some junglers perform best in speed, in jungle control, some others in sustainability, ganking or anti counter-jungler) but it's very important. Usually requires a ward / an ally with clairvoyance, and the ability to predict the enemy jungler taking into account speed/versatility. It is not required to actually kill the enemy jungler, but deny him a couple of minions or even steal the major buffs (red and blue).

Take into account that you can be Counter-jungled if you are caught, seen by a ward or by clairvoyance! Try to be decisive with your ganks and deadly when striking the opponent.

Smite is a mandatory Summoner Spell if you plan on Jungling. It does massive damage to all non-champion enemies, and has a fast cooldown. Helps with your speed and counter jungling as well.

Attention: Runes!
Jungling requires early game assistance. The only way to get this is with Runes. Do not try jungling without them, as it is almost impossible to keep the pace without failing. Try to save Influence Points (IP) if you are very interested in jungling, as you will need it for runes.

Recommended Runes
  • Marks: Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Armor Penetration
  • Seals: Flat Armor
  • Glyphs: Scaling Magic Resistance / level, flat Magic Resistance, flat Cooldown Reduction
  • Quintessences: Movement Speed, Armor Penetration