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League of Legends Beginner's Guide



These are the champions that have the easiest time in the Jungle and can perform the necessary tasks. Click on the portraits for more information!
  • Warwick - Bruiser/Support
  • Shaco - Ganker/Splitpusher
  • Nunu - Tank/Mage/Support
  • Nocturne - Assassin/Bruiser
  • Udyr - Bruiser
  • Trundle - Bruiser
  • Olaf - Bruiser
  • Amumu - Tank/Initiator
  • Cho Gath - Tank/Mage
  • Lee Sin - Bruiser/Assassin


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Best jungling aspect:
Sustainability / Survivability

Due to Warwick's inherent lifesteal and abilities, he can regain health almost all the time, making him very sustained throughout the process. His Eternal Thirst (passive) gives him bonus damage on-hit and restores his health for the damage dealt. This passive goes well with Hunter's Call, which gives more Attack Speed so you hit more so you heal faster!

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Best jungling aspect:
Ganking / Invasion

Shaco is able to Jungle with his Jack in the Box ability, which puts down a stealthed Jack in the Box. When it is triggered it fears all nearby enemies and shoots at them for a time or until destroyed. Unlike most people who venture into the Jungle early, Shaco wants to grab the Lizard Elder if he wants to get an early gank and first blood. It requires atleast 4 Jack in the Boxes to take out the Lizard Elder. His ganking is devastating with a stealth jump, and can be one of the most deadly ones if well executed.

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est jungling aspect: Invasion / Speed / Sustainability / Ganking

Nunu's ability to Jungle early is dependent on his Consume ability, which deals heavy damage to minions and heals him. He also has Blood Boil, which increases his attack and movement speeds. He has great control of the jungle, both the enemy side and his side. Using Consume + Smite combo, he can deny the enemy from important buffs (combined also with wards), speed up his own jungle, great Dragon and Baron control plus a slow which is devastating when ganking (in addition to the slow from the Lizard buff).

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Best jungling aspect:
Versatility / Speed

His Turtle stance gives him a shield and life steal, which is essential for Jungling. At level two his ability to Jungle improves dramatically, because he has 2 stances to switch between to activate his passive ability, which gives him more attack speed. His versatility concerning builds and skills can help him deal unexpected situations or adapt to his team, either tanky, or more DPS oriented. He ganks using Bear form to stun enemies while increasing movement speed.


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Best jungling aspect: Survivability / Invasion / Anti-invasion

Trundle is one of the best Jungling champions in the game. With an inherent passive healing ability (Decompose) which heals Trundle whenever an enemy unit dies nearby and a spammable enhanced autoattack (Rapid bite), his speed and survivability is outstanding. Also, as he has a self buff and a Pillar who blocks terran and slows, he's also a great for counter-jungling and ganking, deadly wihtin the tiny passages of the jungle.


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Best jungling aspect: Ganking / Speed / Versatility

Nocturne is one of the best gankers in the game. At level 6, his ultimate is a very long range jump-dash which blocks the enemy vision of the map plus, combined with his Fear and self shield (acts like a banshee's veil) there is almost no way to escape if you have overextended from a Nocturne's gank. During the frst levels of the jungle he's vulnerable to counter jungling but can overcome his squishiness with the Shield and Duskbringer ability to gain movement speed and run away.


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Best jungling aspect: Speed / Sustainability

The fastest jungler, Olaf the Berserker. Using his Undertow ability and Lifesteal, he shreds minions in no time, plus his passive makes him gain attackspeed for every percentage of health missing. A great feat for a jungler. Ganks are somewhat dependant on how well you can aim his throw axe (Undertow) ability into the enemy, but once close, he is really deadly bursting with a true damage nuke (Reckless Swing).


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Best jungling aspect: Speed

Amumu is one of the few tanks who can jungle fast and steady (paired with Cho gath). His passive (Cursed touch) which lowers the magic resistance of nearby enemies, combined with Despair and Tantrum for maximum effectiveness. He is somewhat vulnerable to counter jungling, and his ganks are dependant on how you can aim the skillshot (Bandage toss), but once level 6, there is no escaping from his Ultimate (Curse of the Sad Mummy) which is an AoE snare.

There are a lot of heroes which can jungle, like Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, Irelia, Rammus, Shen, Malphite, Tryndamere, Maokai, Cho Gath, but they require a coordinated team and specific rune setup to maximize their jungle capacity. It is recommended to acquire jungling experience with the above and then dive into the other champions.