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League of Legends

League of Legends Beginner's Guide

The following lists all key binds and chat commands in League of Legends.

Combat Hotkeys

  • X or right click: Attacks target.
  • Q: Uses the leftmost ability, or your first ability.
  • W: Uses your second ability.
  • E: Your third ability.
  • R: Your ultimate, or your 4th ability.
  • Alt + ability bind: Levels up that ability when possible.
  • D: Activates the summoner spell left.
  • F: Activates your second summoner spell.
  • A: Attack move or, in other words, attack everything in your path to your destination.
  • S: Stops moving or attacking.
  • H (hold): Stop but once you let go, your character will start moving in the direction you first told it to.
  • G: Toggles ping cursor.
  • Y: Locks camera on champion.
  • Spacebar: Centers the screen onto your champion.
  • 1 – 6: Uses an item or an items ability in your item inventory.
  • Alt+left click: Pings location.
  • Alt+right click: Control summoned minion or pet. Examples - Tibbers and Shaco's Hallucinate.
  • Shift+right click: Attack move.
  • B or 7: Recall.

User Interface Hotkeys:

  • Z: Brings up chat history.
  • M: Brings up a bigger minimap.
  • Arrow Keys: Moves the camera.
  • Clicking on the minimap: Moves your screen to that location.
  • C: Opens your Heroes stat page.
  • P: Opens Shop window.
  • Tab: Open team stats window.
  • L: Cycles through minion health bars.
  • Shift+L: Toggles champions health bars.
  • Shift+K: Turn off/on Summoners name.
  • Crtl+F: Toggle option for the FPS and Latency Indicators.
  • F12: Takes a screenshot.
  • Esc: Brings up game options menu.

Chat Commands

  • Enter: Toggles chat. (default: Send message to allies only)
  • /help: Lists / commands and provides descriptions.
  • /all or shift + enter: Sends message to all players in the game.
  • /w "" : Sends private message to player of UserName.
  • /r: Respond to the last person who whispered you.
  • /mute "" : Block communication from a player.
  • /buddylist: Prints all active players on your buddy list to the chat window.

Commands used in-game

  • /surrender: Starts vote for team surrender.
  • /nosurrender: Votes against surrendering.
  • /dance: Starts champion's dance sequence.
  • /taunt: Plays champion's taunt track.
  • /joke: Plays champion's joke track.
  • /laugh: Plays champion's laugh track.
  • /help can now be accessed by “/?” as well.
  • /surrender can now be used with “/ff” as well.
  • /nosurrender can now be used with /noff as well.
  • /w can now be accessed with “/msg” as well.