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League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Advanced Warding
This is a skill that can sometimes pass many players by, but it is one of the defining characteristics of good players and good teams, compared to bad ones. This skill can even allow a less favoured team in overcome a team of superior selection and skill/ability, if you do ward and they do not.

Map control is one the most important aspects in League of Legends. Knowing about the opponent's movement, your own leeway and free hand as well as the status of monsters holding a buff is invaluable for any team that wants to be successful.

Given the size of the map, it is impossible to keep tabs on everything through the eyes of the champions, but the developers of League of Legends added a cheap little item which helps immensely in establishing and maintaining map control: the ward. What wards are, when, who and why to get them, where to place them, and how to deal with enemy wards shall be explained soon. This guide will also cover some neat little tricks that can be pulled off with wards.

What is a ward?

A ward is an item that can be placed anywhere on the map and gives vision in a certain radius for a certain duration. It can be purchased at the shop on the Summoner platform, and up to three wards fit into one item slot. It is invisible and cannot be hit in any way as long as it remains undetected.
However, some champion abilities are designed to detect wards. Once a ward is revealed it can be damaged by any attack or ability. There are two (and a half) kinds of wards to be distinguished from each other

Sight Ward

IPB Image

Costs: 75 Gold
Hitpoints: 3 (each auoattack does 1 damage)
Sight range: 1100
Duration: 3 minutes

The invisible Sight Ward is the standard ward. It reveals the area in its sight range and can be purchased in the shop under the Consumables tab.

Wriggle's Lantern

IPB Image

This particular item has an active ability that enables the player to plant a free ward every three minutes. The ward provided by Wriggle's Lantern has 3 hitpoints, a sight range of 1100 and a duration of 3 minutes, so it's basically a Sight Ward.

Vision Ward

IPB Image
Costs: 125 Gold
Hitpoints: 3
Sight range: 1000
Duration: 3 minutes

The invisible Vision Ward is a more expensive ward that reveals the area and detects stealthed units and objects in its sight range. It has a shorter radius and duration than the Sight Ward. Like its relative, the Vision Ward can be found and purchased under the Consumables tab in the shop.