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Advanced Warding

Who is responsible for buying wards?

A Sight Ward costs only 75 gold, but this question is oftentimes a big problem in ranked and normal games.

Imagine this scenario:
Player A isn't willing to buy any wards, because he has to finish that Infinity Edge as fast as possible. He recalls, buys the item, returns to the lane and gets ganked by the enemy jungler immediately, losing the tower as well. The chat could look like this:
Player A: Omg, Player B, say that he was missing!
Player B: He's the jungler, how should I know?
Player A: Then buy some wards! You're our support champion, you're supposed to help me as a carry!
[insert more raging and blaming here]
The frustration and bad mood of Player A demoralizes the whole team and the opposing team has an easy win.

Yeah, kinda. However, this scenario still happens more often than it should. But was it actually Player B's job to buy wards for Player A?

No. It might be shocking, but at first it is up to every player how much money and effort he/she is willing to put in his own and the team's safety. Nevertheless, some champions are "better" for buying and placing wards than others.

Side lane champions
The side lanes on Summoner's Rift are a very popular target for ganks especially in the early game, hence it is highly advisable to place a ward where river and lane cross. If you are fighting on a side lane you should recall quite early to buy a ward along with other items you want to get.
As the game progresses and five man gank squads roam around the map, the champion's role decides his/her ward responsibility, not necessarily his/her initial lane.

Jungling champions are constantly running around the map, so it is quite easy for them to plant a ward when they pass important ward spots like the Dragon. Whenever you recall as a jungler, don't forget to buy some wards as well.

Wriggle's Lantern
Wriggle's Lantern is a great item for junglers. It not only grants lifesteal and a chance to hit minions for 500 damage (magic damage, and cannot be spellvamped), its active ability enables you to place a ward every three minutes, too. Since you should be warding a lot, this item is very beneficial for a jungler.

Support champions
Support champions like Soraka or Janna are not as item-dependent as others. Because of the way they are designed, it is forgivable to squeeze in an additional ward every now and then. As the game progresses support, champions become more important as ward placers.

If you want to generalize a lot, this is how the ward responsibility decreases (from most responsible to least responsible, measured by the role the champion performs in the team):

Jungler > Support > Off-Tank > Tank > Mage/Carry

As a mage or carry champion, you need a lot of money for essential items as fast as possible, so they should not spend too much gold on wards. However, please be very careful with this ranking, just because you are playing Ashe or Malzahar it does not mean you should never buy wards. Always keep in mind that every player is responsible for his own and the team's safety first.

Last but not least: Communicate! Sometimes Baron Nashor respawns and you are not able to ward it, but maybe there is another player at the Summoner platform, just ask him politely if he could bring a ward for Nashor.

In an ideal game, all members of a team keep an eye on the minimap and bring wards to every important spot whenever necessary, so the map is constantly controlled. Whenever a player is not able to place a ward, communication wins the day.