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League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Advanced Warding

The situational

Sometimes it is worth placing a ward at these spots, depending on the situation.

Extended side lane ward
IPB Image
In collaboration with the side lane ward, this ward will cover more paths the enemy could be traveling. If you are constantly harassing the enemy turret, consider to place an additional ward in the brush left of the side lane ward to see incoming enemies earlier. (On the top lane it is on the right.)

Jungle Crossing ward
IPB Image
A ward placed here is likely to spot any enemy jungler that wants to kill monsters in your jungle. It cannot see the Dragon directly, but it keeps an eye on the camp entrance. Again, since it is a mirrored map, this also works on the upper left side, the ward is placed in the little brush south of Baron Nashor's camp.

Mid lane wards
IPB Image
Wards placed in the brushes left and right of the mid lane can be the champion's insurance. It will spot any incoming gank attempts early. If there is an invisible champion on the enemy team you want to place a Vision ward in the brush pointing towards this champion's lane.

Lizard/Golem ward
IPB Image
Here, the ward can fulfill two pruposes. In your own jungle it will spot anyone attempting to steal your buff, while it grants extra vision when you want to steal the enemy buff in their jungle. The ward should be placed in such way that it reveals all possible paths.

IPB Image
At the Lizard Elder camp it should look like this.

Gank ward
IPB Image
This is a very popular spot for ganks, especially if your mid lane turret is already down. Although this ward keeps tabs on several paths it is most important to reveal the brush. Oftentimes a couple of enemies is sitting in this brush hoping for an unsuspecting victim passing by. The ward should be placed on your side of the map in the brush between the Lizard Elder and the Wraith camp.