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League of Legends, there's an app for that

By Cindex - 1st November 2010 - 22:15 PM

Technology will eventually lead to our doom, but for now it helps us doom our opponents. All non-smartphone people who still talk face-to-face with human beings are going to be left out on this one. I know you're upset that you have to spend time with friends and family or whatever but that's just the way it is. I only include iPhone and Android phones in the smartphone category anyway, the rest are just competentphones. Here are the two apps that intrigued me the most.


LoL Library, Guide to League of Legends by AppBurst

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The only app on the iPhone worth talking about is LoL Library. AppBurst recently worked out a deal with Riot to become the official app of League of Legends, greatly improving the speed of updates and information the app offers. LoL Library offers more than a book of numbers copied and pasted from the League of Legends database. It includes multiple tabs displaying Tweets from the community, the app creators, and Riot employees. If you ever wanted a portrait of your favorite champion on your iPhone you can download one directly from the app. A bit of a wonky video page with Livestreams is also present but is not my favorite feature. A Top 200 tab keeps you up to date on who is climbing to the top of the three different ladders. I feel this app is not a necessity, especially with its $1.99 price tag, but it is nice to have League of Legends in my pocket while I'm away from keyboard.


League of Legends Builder Lite by devmys

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If you ever wanted to know the stats of a particular champion with a specific item build, rune set, and mastery tree then this is the app for you. LoL Builder is The League of Legends calculator for your Android phone. From items to abilities, LoL Builder has all the numbers updated frequently. Probably the most impressive number of all is the price; absolutely free! Advertisements keep the app free, but they can be ignored. This app is a necessity for any Android toting summoners out there.
If you know of apps that may be helpful and would like to discuss this topic further, please visit the thread and share your thoughts.