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By DucKô - 20th January 2011 - 10:51 AM


Since we’ve introduced the latest renovations to our LeaverBuster technology, many of you have been asking.

Here are a just a few stats that we’d like to share to give you an idea of what we’ve seen:

  • The chances of encountering a leaver in Normal Game matchmaking queue have decreased by over 25%.
  • Your chances of encountering a leaver in a Ranked Game matchmaking have decreased by over 20% since the system was implemented. Only 3% of all Ranked Games still contain a leaver.
  • Across the North American and European Environments, over 100,000 leavers have had their accounts suspended by the automated system.
  • Players who have their first brush with the automated LeaverBuster system tend to be deterred from leaving future games. Only 10% of players who receive a warning from the LeaverBuster system go on to reach the most serious suspension.

And this is only the beginning! We are constantly tweaking our LeaverBuster system to increase its effectiveness at identifying and sanctioning poor player behavior. We hope that future adjustments will enable us to decrease the number leavers encountered in matchmaking queues by as much as 50%!

Additionally, we are drastically improving our AFK detection system. Through the new system, players who are identified as AFK will be marked as leavers, making them subject to the same automated account suspensions as those who actively leave games.

These new renovations will be covertly making their way out onto the North American and European environments in the near future. We won’t be announcing these changes, but we suspect we won’t have to. As habitual griefers meet their comeuppance at the hands of our new LeaverBuster technology, we imagine that they’ll be kind enough to announce it for us.

Step aside, Caitlyn. There’s a new Sheriff in town. LeaverBuster is on the case!


Riot are obviously doing something right! Many would say that the leaver problem has become a bit ridiculous recently, it's true. However, with more leavers being punished more often, it;s sure to be seen a lot less. No longer will you have to do a 4v5 with someone afk'ing in the pool, no more will someone be able to rage because "OMG HE DIED TWICE, NOOB", the leaverbuster is here!

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