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LoLReplays Shoutcasting Contest

By Clemens - 20th December 2011 - 22:53 PM

Seeing as Spectator Mode is now in public beta and soon to be released, there will be way more opportunities for amateur shoutcasters to show their worth. Here at LoLReplays.org, we are dedicated to providing the League of Legends community with the best commentary we can. Our staff always strives to provide quality content for all to see.

Alas, LoLReplays.org is a community site. This means that you can provide quality content too! With our new Video System, we provide an easy way to share your commentaries or other videos and soon it will include a feature to search for videos of certain shoutcasters and players.

Because we want to provide everyone with a chance to get into the spotlight, we are going to host a shoutcasting contest. If you've got what it takes, we'll make sure your content gets the attention it deserves.


To compete in the contest you only have to do a few simple things.
  1. Make a video of you shoutcasting a game
  2. Upload it to a video hosting site (YouTube preferred, but not required)
  3. Add it to our video system
  4. Put an asterisk (*) at the end so that we know it's a submission, and not just a video you're sharing
  5. Wellknown casters like Four Court Jester and Deman are excluded from this contest, to make sure new less known casters have a chance to get some recognition and a fair chance
There is no limit on videos per shoutcaster, though we suggest that at the end of the submission timeframe, you send a PM to the contest admin, Remox in which you tell us which of your videos you see as your best ones (limit of three).
There is no limit on the number of shoutcasters that enter the contest.

The video(s) you submit have to be commentaries. This means that you provide commentary for an entire match. Summoner's Rift matches are preferred, as that's where the competitive scene is. And English only please, to make sure we can actually judge your performance.

The end of the submission period is February 29th, 23:59:59 GMT, and the winner will be decided by community vote.


There will be some prizes of course. Riot Games has kindly provided us with 25/20/15 for first/second/third place. The best of you will also be asked to join the LoLReplays.org staff, and will be able to share in our growing network amongst the pro teams. Our Commentators are invited to cast scrims between top teams; we have worked in concert with players from teams such as fnatic and Curse Gaming in creating the best commentaries we can. In addition, Commentators will have the opportunity to cast games from any future LoLReplays events, like Sunday Night Fights, or tournaments.

Of course, eternal glory will also be yours.