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GameReplays March 27th US 5v5 Tournament

By Naiin - 15th March 2011 - 00:09 AM

Greetings fellow Summoners! We at GameReplays.org are here to bring you a new and improved League of Legends North American Tournament taking place on everyoneís favorite battle field, the Summonerís Rift! In these new tournaments, weíll be ditching the 4v4 format in favor of the traditional 5v5 format thanks to the new replay system! This tournament will begin on March 27th, where we will see sixteen teams compete for the grand prize of $100 of Riot Points. (Thatís over 13000 Riot Points!)

The tournament format will be NESLís pick and ban draft style. For those not familiar with how it works, it is shown below:

A total of 6 champion bans in the aforementioned order, in which team 1 gets the first ban.
A total of 10 champion picks in the aforementioned order, in which team 2 gets the first pick

The teams will be randomly placed into a single elimination bracket. In simpler terms, each team will be randomly matched against another team, and the winner will move on to the next round. The loser will not move forward in the tournament.

As previously stated, we will be using the new LoL Replay viewer. All team captains will need to download the program, which can be found here: http://www.leaguereplays.com/. After each round is played, teams will need to report their win/loss on the GameReplays.org forum*, the picks and bans for the round, AND submit the replay for that game. Replays will then be available for viewing in the Replays section of the GR Forums.

The final round of this tournament will take place over three games. The team that wins two games out of the three will be declared the winner of the tournament, and will receive the prize along with the admiration of their fellow summoners! (Admiration not guaranteed by GR staff). The final round will be commentated on by the GR staff and will be posted in the Videos on Demand section of the GR forums.

Sign Ups

For all sign ups, have a team captain post in the Official March 27th sign up topic! All team captains will need to post the following -
  • Team Name.
  • Team Captain Summoner Name.
  • Names of the team's Summoners. Roster limit is Seven. If you cannot fill your match with properly registered Summoner's, your team will be disqualified
Before the tournament begins, teams will be directed to where they will report the status of their round. If you have any questions you can contact us by email at gamereplaysloltournaments@gmail.com

Or you can PM ClintLeetwood or Naiin on the GameReplays.org forums.