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News Team........ Assemble...

By SOLAR1S - 5th July 2010 - 21:56 PM

Hello members of Gamereplays,
In the run up to the release of Season One, the first competitive season of League of Legends, we here at the League of Legends Section on Gamereplays are looking to bring in some new staff to join our team. So, if you've been thinking about applying for staff here at League of Legends, take a look at the array of positions available.

So you think you're 1337?...

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One of the core staff positions on Gamereplays, Strategy Specialists are skilled, experienced players who know the inner workings of League of Legends and the specific details of their chosen champions. They use that knowledge to help new players in the forums, produce content such as strategy guides, tips of the week, replay packs (once we get them), and help make our internal VoD's to show other gamers how it's done. You do not have to be a top expert at the game to be a Strategy Specialist, you just need to know enough about it to be able to fulfill your expectations. Strategy Specialists also serve as forum moderators, but only in the Strategy forums; they do not generally moderate in the General Discussion forums. So, if you're a good League of Legends player and want to help others improve their game and share your builds and tactics in guides, all of which are published on our professional index system, then the strategy specialist position is for you.

Got a voice like Sean Connery?...

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Another of the key positions available on Gamereplays, Commentators are key to the site's replay functionality and culture. Commentators will need fairly substantial game knowledge and sufficient insight into gameplay mechanics to make the action out of replays and VoD's. Right now in the League of Legends section this would entail assisting with the production of VoD content created from frame capture software of your choice (i.e FRAPS, WeGame, XFire etc), commentating on it and also helping with section Podcasts on contentious issues and talking points. Soon your inbox will be filled with pm's* from adoring members**. Once replays are released it'll be much easier and more business-as-usual doing commentating from voice clients only for replays. So, if you want to build the base of Gamereplays League of Legends professional and competitive scene and help newer players understand replays better, this is the position for you.

(*May or may not be voice dependent, **possibly female)

Are you clever, witty with potential to be scandalous?...

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To borrow epic words from our Lead Editor L.A.G:

A Call to the Quill

Have a flair for invention? Got ideas sparking off your neurons and leaping in front of your eyes? Dancing around your fingertips, lurking between your... knees. Do you have wit, style, substance and excellent teeth? Above all else, do you have very little regard for the state of your soul and a certain immoral fondness for taking perfectly sweet, innocent gaming news and tearing it a new one in the name of entertainment?Source: L.A.G

A writer would write up news posts for us on League of Legends happenings, opinion articles, blogs on the state of the game, and anything else LoL related. So, if you'd like to bring discussion and debate to our forums, gather a following of readers, and develop your journalistic skills, this is the position for you.

Can you pull red and gold cards like TF?...

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Referees will be at the core of any competitive action here at Gamereplays League of Legends section. In a nutshell, Referees are charged with making tournaments we organize run smoothly and making sure our tournament policies are enforced whilst building a rapport with the competitive community. Being a Referee doesn't specifically require talent, but it can be an intense role for short periods, and you only really need to be mature enough to know that you'll need to be cool, calm, and collected when dealing with problems. So, if you like the sound of whipping pros when they get out of line, you're probably too kinky for us, but shoot me a pm and we can see if you can work with a gimp suit on instead.

In exchange for your time, whether you are a Strategy Specialist, a Commentator, a Writer, or a Referee, you'll have access to a multitude of staff forums and special events. You'll also have access to new features on Gamereplays and information before the regular community does and have a say in how the section is run and shaped in the future. You'll also gain moderation powers, one of the shiny badges shown above, and become part of a close, comedic, and up-coming staff team.

To apply for any of the above positions, please send me a pm letting me know which position you're interested in and I'll get back to you with how to specifically apply.

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