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Holding a 2v1

By Andybear - 15th August 2010 - 23:49 PM

It is often advantageous for a team to have one champion jungling, this means two lanes can have extra experience, and also sets up a lot of ganks. However, the whole benefit of the creep killing fifth is made completely null if he who lanes 2v1 cannot hold his lane. With the following tips and thoughts in mind, you can ensure your team has an edge.

Strong Laners

The first key to success is in picking an adequate champion. Almost all champions can have a decent time in a 2v1, but there a few who excel at it, and can actually take advantage of the situation.

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Any champion that is capable of farming from a great distance is the perfect choice. Other qualities desired are being naturally heavy, and mobile. The trick is not as much somehow forcing enemy champions out, as much as it is killing minions more rapidly than your opponents. This will keep them off of the turret, and give you a safe buffer zone.


The first step is to have caution, you cannot survive a 2v1 skirmish at level one, and you will quickly surpass your opponents in experience even if you miss the first wave. Do not enter into farming distance until all enemies are accounted for.

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Thou Shalt Not enter!

For pregame preparation, the most important stat to remember is Mana Regen, if your character of choice is a mana based character. Always use your long ranged abilities whenever possible to farm as rapidly as possible. This is especially crucial with Nasus' Spirit Fire, and Morgana's Tormented Soil. If you're using champs like Ezreal or Kog`Maw, the skillshots such as Mystic shot and abilities like Bio Arcane Barrage can be used to farm from safety. Remember that it's ok for them to be pushed close to your turret for the majority of the time, this just gives you extra safety, but if the enemy is actively damaging your turret, make sure to call for help. Your Job is to Hold the turret, above all else.

Coincidentally, your lane is often the best choice for your jungler to gank due to how extended your enemies will be, and how much extra experience you have.

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