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By Feanor - 5th June 2011 - 17:26 PM

Riot's most recent patch introduced Tenacity. With new stats comes new mechanics and with new mechanics comes more confusion. Let's unravel the puzzle and make everything clear!


Tenacity does exactly the same thing as what Mercury Treads use to do before their remake: reduce Crowd Control. Now we can all go celebrate and be happy that the Crowd Control is reduced by 35! 35 what? Yes exactly. For each 1 Tenacity you gain 1% Crowd Control reduction, so Mercury Treads are left untouched with this 35% Crowd Control reduction.

However, Tenacity does not stack. If you have two Tenacity items, the higher value will be applied. That being said, Tenacity does stack with Crowd Control reducing abilities such as Dr. Mundo's Burning Agony or Singed's Insanity Potion. They are multiplicative meaning that if you have Mercury Treads (35 Tenacity) and 25% Crowd Control reduction from an bility, then you will reduce all Crowd Control effects by 48,75%.

The new stacking system means a slight nerf to champions such as Irelia and Trunndle who could stack Crowd Control reduction. It stacked additively before (35% + 25% = 60%) so now, when combined, overall CC reduction will be lower than before on these characters.

Because of the numerous items that now provide Tenacity and the way they stack with other Crowd Control reducing effects, the Crowd Control meta game has taken a big hit.

Items with Tenacity

IPB Image
Build: Boots of Speed, Null magic mantle and 450 gold

Gives you 35 Tenacity along with Magic Resistance and more Movement Speed. The #1 Tenacity item for tanks.

IPB Image
Builds from a Cloak of Agility, Dagger and 200 gold. Provides 25 Tenacity.

Typical Damage Per Second item. The Cloak & Dagger is therefore good on all champions relying on Critical Chance and Attack Speed to dish out damage. Champions like Tryndamere, Master Yi or Ashe could use it effectively.

IPB Image
Builds from a Philosopher Stone and 400 gold. Provides 25 Tenacity.

The Eleisa's Miracle might be useful if you plan on building a Philosopher Stone. Supports usually do this so they don't have to buy Mercury Treads anymore against high Crowd Control teams.

IPB Image
Builds from a Blasting Wand and 430 gold. Provides 25 Tenacity.

Gives some flat Ability Power. A Moonflair Spellblade can be good for casters who still want to have some Tenacity.

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