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Generals Gentlemen League of Legends Championship #1 - Annoucement and Signups!

By GGTheMachine - 1st January 2014 - 15:23 PM

Today I am excited to announce the very first Generals Gentlemen League of Legends 5v5 tournament! I've ran a couple of Command and Conquer Zero Hour tournaments but am keen to get more experience casting, streaming and hosting League of Legends tournaments so I've decided to start here. If all goes well we hope to run more events, but for now we'll be starting with a small one and with $50 of Riot Points up for grabs!

As per the discussion thread seeing who was interested it seemed as if most members from Gamereplays were from EU West. So for now, this tournament shall be held on the EU West Region.

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Competition Details

As this is our very first League of Legends tournament we're just going to leave it at a capacity of four teams to ensure everything runs smoothly as is easy to manage, as well as being able to get the entire tournament streamed and wrapped up in one day. We'll look at expanding the capacity with future events.
  • Four teams of 5
  • Best of 3 for both Semi Finals(First round) and the Grand Final.
  • Single elimination
  • Summoner's Rift
  • Draft Pick


The exact starting time will be confirmed and announced tomorrow, but it will be starting on Saturday 4th of January between 12:00pm, (mid day) and 2:00pm GMT(I'm announcing it tonight to give players a little bit more notice to signup.) It will finish when we get through the games and we have a victor! Given that it's only 4 teams in a BO3 Single Elimination, I predict it should take about four hours to finish. If you are unsure of the time, you can use a Time Zone Converter to check the times.

Rules and Moderation

  • I will be moderating the event,if anyone has any issues on the day you can contact me via messaging in-game and I will decide a verdict to resolve the issue.
  • When the tournament is set to start each team will have 15 minutes to start their games before being disqualified and their slot given to a reserve team. If the game is set to start at 1pm, and team does not have all 5 members in-game ready to go at 1:15 then that team will be disqualified. Ensure your team is ready to go on-time and that the reserve player is ready in case of emergency.
  • This event will only be 4 teams, so the first people to signup with a full team will be accepted, however we will continue to accept signups after that up to another 4 which will be put down as a reserve team in-case a team does not show up or for some reason is unable to compete on the day. The reserve teams will be assigned a place in the queue depending on who signed up first. For example if one of the teams doesn't show up, team #5 will be asked to take their spot. if team #5 is unable to take their spot then team #6 will be asked instead. And so on.
  • Each team will have 10 minutes of pause time. If there is any issue such as a player dropping or lagging out, the team can pause for up to 10 minutes to resolve their issue. If the team is pausing for longer than 10 minutes then they will be forced to continue playing.
  • You must be level 30 to compete.
  • On the day each team captain must join the chat channel "GeneralsGentlemen" to arrange their games, and I will add each captain to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Each team is allowed a single reserve/sub player on top of their team of 5. If one of their team members is unable to play, they can be swapped out for a sub. If a player drops mid game the sub is more than welcome to log into the dropped players account and continue playing right where the game left off.

Prizes and Stream

The Generals Gentlemen will be donating five cards of $10(AUD) Riot Points for the winning team. The tournament will be live streamed onto my Twitch and then the recordings posted onto the Generals Gentlemen YouTube channel. Be sure to follow the Twitch and subscribe to the YouTube channel.


To signup just leave a comment in the signup thread stating your interest to compete if you have a full team of 5 that are definitely all available to play on Saturday 4th January from 12:00pm(Mid Day) to 6:00pm GMT. State your team name, the in-game names of the 5 team and the team captain's in-game name. We will add the captains to arrange the game so please ensure it is correct and for EU West. The team members do not have to sign up themselves, nor do they have to be members of Gamereplays.

If you want to compete but do not have a team leave a comment with your in-game name and that you wish to join as a PUG(Pickup Group) We will try to find you a team with other PuG players.

Prior to the event, the team brackets will be posted.

Other than that, good luck and have fun!

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