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Streaming League of Legends on Own3d.tv

By GreyKnight - 4th June 2011 - 00:41 AM

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If you are a fan of League of Legends then you have no doubt watched some livestreaming by top teams or players such as CLGaming, Team SoloMid, or HotShotGG. Viewing these games are both entertaining and useful. Seeing how the experts do it firsthand can teach players little tricks and techniques, micro skills and team strategies that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

To make things even better you can interact with the community via built in IRC communication allowing you to pose questions to other League of Legends members. This guide is here to show you the easiest way to set up you own livestream for League of Legends.

The basics

There are two things you are going to need before you get started. First, an Own3D.tv account and Second, Xsplit. The registration processes of Own3D.tv and Xsplit are simple so this guide will forego explanation. A good first time set up guide for Xsplit is here. Meanwhile this guide offers some recommended quality settings, which can be found here.

A tip to save CPU resources with Xsplit is to select View > Scale Viewport, and then reduce to 30% or less to save resources.

Setting up League of Legends

Once you have Xsplit set up and working, you will want to begin preparing League of Legends for live streaming. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that Xsplit currently does not work in full screen mode, but fear not young summoners because there is an easy to use program that fixes this.
  • The first thing to do is start a game; it may be easier to start a tutorial game because we are only changing option settings. Once you are in the game, go to settings and then video (settings) and check Windowed mode. This will put your screen in a frame and it will no longer be "Full screen".
  • Then install a program called ShiftWindow. When that is installed, start up League of Legends and begin a custom game. When you are in the game, press escape, which should bring up the options menu and allow you to scroll outside of the screen. Move the game window out of the way so you can see ShiftWindow.
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Getting this program to work is easy, just follow GreyKnight's Three Easy Steps:
  1. [b]In the window options select grab, this will bring up a new menu with a list of your running programs.
  2. Select the “League of legends client” then press OK.
  3. Press Trigger it! Your game should now snap to full screen but xsplit will be tricked into thinking it isn’t and will work without problems.
Now thanks to ShiftWindow you can broadcast in full screen. To broadcast, in Xsplit select broadcast and click on Own3D.tv-Yourstream. When broadcasting there should be streaming information, such as bitrate, at the top of Xsplit written in red.

If you check your broadcast while streaming then you will experience an audio loop, so make sure you mute the stream to stop the loop (unless you like to hear the sound of your voice over and over again).

So just to summarize, we are now at the point where we are using ShiftWindow > Client fullscreen > Xsplit to encode > Own3D.tv to broadcast our stream to the masses. Once you are at this stage you can begin streaming.