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The Hard Leash

By Andybear - 10th September 2011 - 21:45 PM

Players that have been with the game for a substantial period of time may remember a small change that impacted how Junglers perform several months ago. The change was
  • Monsters will reaggro before being reset after losing line of sight.
This change introduced the world to a small technique called the Leash. Everyone has executed it, and everyone seems to understand it's purpose. When a ranged champion attacks a Monster and immediately walks to their lane it causes the monster to attempt to chase the champion that aggro'd, and creates a situation where the jungler can deal damage to his objective without losing any health. This drastically increased jungling time, and even opened the field for players to find and use new Junglers.

Champions like Jarvan, Lee Sin, and gangplank would find themselves seriously below optimal if they were forced to jungle without a leash. What many players unfortuanatly don't realize is that the logic behind leashing for your jungler can be taken one step further.

Give Your Jungler an Optimal Start

The hard leash is just like a normal leash, a ranged mid champion attacks the Monster from over a wall and walks away. The difference is that instead of merely standing guard, or being a passive member of the process, the other laning (bottom lane Purple, top solo Blue) champions proceed to damage the monster as it is in flux between the Mid champion and getting reaggroed.

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Friends don't let friends kill blue buff alone.

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Olaf stands healthy and ready to take on the world despite having a long sword and having 17/3/10 masteries. Hard leashes also are reported to teleport the jungler to different maps.

This very simple additional step does several things for the jungle:
  • Speeds up the jungler's first run.
  • Leaves jungler with substantially higher health, and more mana, allowing for more flexibility in path. This means a more opportunistic ganker.
  • Opens up the field for more strategy, and different, weaker Junglers.
  • Allows current jungling elite to rune and mastery more offensively.

The Potential!

Think about all the strong gankers, junglers of past metas, and any sub par jungler that screams for jungle time and yet is shelves due to slow starts. Think about Rammus, ok, remember how strong he felt from jungle only six months ago? HE was eventually shelved by popular thought due to be generally slow, and risky. Dwell for a second on how susceptible to invasions he was. Why is he so risky?

One of the reasons is simply the inability to regenerate life, and a being very dependent on mana to stay optimal. Now put Rammus into a situation where instead of walking away from a blue buff he walks away with close to full! OR even more accessible an example, think of a nocturne that doesn't have to recall after level four to regain life, or an Olaf fully offensively specced running out of the jungle with a full health bar. Remember folks, keep your jungler healthy and they will keep you healthy!