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Curse, CLG, and Dignitas Swap Players

By Schmieds - 20th May 2012 - 13:35 PM

A series of puzzling roster changes announced by CounterLogic Gaming have taken place that will shake up the top tier of the NA scene.

Perhaps the first domino in the series of moves was the departure of solo top Voyboy from Team Dignitas to join CLG. It was also announced that CLG's jungler Saintvicious would be leaving for Curse and HotshotGG would move to the jungle. To come full circle, Curse's jungler Crumbzz left Curse to become solo top for Dignitas, saying he couldn't commit to joining the gaming house that Curse was planning in preparation for the Season 2 Championships.

As the season 2 championship approaches many teams are scrambling to practice and get into a good stride before this major event. As many of you may have guessed, a lot of teams are getting gaming houses as a way to ensure their devotion to the game as well as increased practice hours to prepare them for the gold. Team Curse is no exception. Unfortunately , I cannot attend the gaming house that Curse has so eagirly offered to provide, due to personal reasons, primarily University as I wish to continue my studies without a halt, and moving into a gaming house would not allow me to do so. It is with good blood that I am announcing my leave from Team Curse.Source: Alberto "Crumbzz" Reginfo

Voyboy was similarly sad about leaving his team, but has high hopes for Dignitas, who will play OGN Summer in Korea.

With a heavy heart I'll be leaving Team Dignitas, but I am confident in my former team's ability to rise to the occasion and become just as strong as before. Therefore, it is with great excitement that I will be joining the roster of Counter Logic Gaming to fill the Top Lane role. It is my absolute intent that CLG will be as strong as ever going into the Season 2 Championships and I am grateful for this opportunity that I have been given. Thank you.Source: Joe "Voyboy" Esfahani

The only top NA team unaffected by the team is of course IPL4 champions Team SoloMid. They will look to take advantage of the lost synergy between the other teams' players in upcoming tournaments. Until the new players settle in, TSM may find themselves the undisputed kings of North America.