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RainMan Leaves TSM, Dyrus Joins

By Schmieds - 14th March 2012 - 20:11 PM

Team SoloMid top laner Christian "RainMan" Kahmann has announced his departure from top North American team TSM. It was announced soon afterward that Marcus 'Dyrus' Hill of Epik Gamer would join the team, completing the first roster change for the team in over a year.

The move follows a disappointing performance at IEM World Championships in Hanover in which the team failed to move past the group stage. Despite being a constant focus of criticism from the community, TSM insists that RainMan was not coerced to leave due to poor play or infighting. RainMan apparently disagreed with the team's practice style, and told the team to find a more willing replacement for the upcoming IPL 4 in Las Vegas. They will part ways amicably, and RainMan will continue to live and stream in the TSM gaming house.

Only a few months ago, Team SoloMid formed the first League of Legends gaming house in North America as a brilliant step towards refining their play. However, with this large step, problems arose in regards to the path necessary for TSM to become the best team. Such problems have caused strife out of the game and its effects have crippled teamwork and ultimately is detrimental to our performance as a team. With this, TheRainMan has decided to step off the main team and former Epik Gamer's Dyrus will be in his stead. This decision was made in full acceptance of all members and RainMan will continue to stream for SoloMid and stay in the gaming house.

Team SoloMid has become more than just a team for its members and though people come and go, they still remain friends. While RainMommy will no longer play with the team, his loud outbreaks will continue to be heard during scrims and he will continue to be a friend of each member.
Source: SoloMid.net

Following RainMan's resignation, the four remaining remembers asked Dyrus if he wanted to join, and he ostensibly accepted. The top laner was previously a member of Epik Gamer, who haven't competed in any LANs recently, and aren't considered to be as actively competitive as North American teams such as Dignitas, Curse, and TSM. Though happy to have a chance to play on a more competitive team, Dyrus wishes it didn't have to happen under these circumstances.

I'm not really happy with the result because I didn't know it was going to turn out that way, really. I was never planning for that. I was just, you know, just chill out in the TSM house... I can't turn down this opportunity because... I do want to take the game seriously.Source: Dyrus' vlog

Dyrus summed up his (and likely those of many fans) emotions regarding the change when he said "I'm sad but happy at the same time, but its more sad than happy."