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The New, New Epik Gamer

By Schmieds - 25th April 2012 - 02:13 AM

The roster of Epik Gamer seems more or less settled with the addition of new solo top Daryl "Wingsofdeathx" Hennegan. The status of Epik mainstay and solo top Jon "Westrice" Nguyen is unclear.

Announced on Wingsofdeathx's Facebook page, the move completes a series of changes dating back to March that have completely changed the face of the team. On March 14, Dyrus left the team to join Team SoloMid, who he had been living with for the past several months. Soon after came the departure of the player who many saw as the face of the team, jungler Dan Dinh. The team used ClakeyD and DontMashMe to fill their spots at IGN Pro League 4 a few weeks ago, but failed to win a single match at the Las Vegas tournament.

It became clear that these two were just temporary solutions when just a week ago came the news that v8's Aphromoo, AD Carry and friend of Nhat Nguyen, and UnstoppableX, their jungler, were joining Epik. And after scrimming with the team for just over a week, Wingsofdeathx, formerly a substitute for Team Dignitas in the EPS, announced his joining the team.

So for those of you wondering if I'm joining EG or just ringing for a scrim the answer is I will be playing top lane for Epik for now. We are going to sign up for IPL5 qualifiers and play more scrims from here on out.Source: Daryl "Wingsofdeathx" Hennegan

Salce (AP Carry) and Nhat Nguyen (support) appear to be in Epik for the long run, but some speculate that Westrice, the only remaining original member of the team, is on his way out. It should be noted that if Westrice leaves the team, Epik will lose all of its Challenger Circuit points that go toward earning a spot in the Season 2 championships. Regardless, Epik will hope they have found the final piece of the puzzle in Wingsofdeathx.