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Doublelift Rejoins CLG - Elementz Benched

By Schmieds - 25th November 2011 - 15:27 PM

Amid lackluster performances and team squabbles, CLG has come to the decision that they're benching their support Elementz so they can start Doublelift, formerly of Curse, in the AD role. This will mean some shifting around, and Chauster will most likely play support now. The slumping bigfatjiji will move to mid.

Peter "Doublelift" Peng, known for his great farming skill, was benched himself by CLG months ago, when he decided to move on and play for Curse. Since then, he has increased his pool of competitive champions and has experience playing with most of CLG. Elementz is clearly unhappy with his new role, saying that HotshotGG and Chauster have not been taking practice seriously, and that leaving himself on the team gave CLG more versatility.

I don't exactly agree with the choice that was made (no shit eh?) in kicking me for Doublelift. Now Doublelift has improved greatly and it's good for him that he joined CLG but still I don't see how he improves the team so much.. In fact I think leaving me on the team gave us more versatilitySource: Elementz' blog

CLG will hope that the move will improve the team before the North American IEM Kiev qualifier on December 3rd. They hope their past experience with Doublelift will help him fit in smoothly, but is shifting the team's roles around really make this a smooth transition? Spectators will have to wait until then to find out.