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Jatt Leaves Dignitas

By Schmieds - 21st December 2011 - 23:59 PM

Team Dignitas announced today that they would be parting ways with Jungler Joshua "Jatt" Leesman. Jatt had been with the same team since their sponsorship by Dignitas began in late September, before which they were called Rock Solid. Citing not having enough time to be able to practice with the team, Jatt said that his further presence on the team would hinder their play.

I am heavily invested in the success of our league of legends team, and because of that I have decided to step down. Due to real life commitments and time constraints, I can no longer keep up with the rigorous practice schedule required to be a pro gamer. I wish Scarra, Voyboy, L0cust, and Imaqtpie the best of luck in finding my replacement and becoming the best league of legends team in the world.Source: Statement from Jatt

This amiable split is much more tame when compared to various bitter dealings and transactions within the LoL scene as of late. Despite this, Dignitas must worry about their roster for the encroaching IEM Kiev, as they will likely not be able to simply take a top-tier Jungler from a sponsored team. Riot disallowed such a move when said they wouldn't allow Epik Gamer's Dyrus to sub for Goose's mandatorycloud at Kiev. Combined with Dignitas' less-than-IPL3-winner-quality performances of late, one must fear for their chances at the European event.

In this scrimmage Dignitas and Goose prior to the announcement, it can be seen that Jatt is not playing with the team; qtpie is in the jungle and subsitute Hoodstomp is playing AD. This may give some insight into the future of the team.

Some will recall Jatt's decision to try to qualify for WCG with two teams, earning him the nickname "Scumbag Jatt". On a more positive note, many will remember him for helping lead his team to victory in IPL 3 and for jungling for one of the most consistent teams in the game.