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League of Legends Gameplay Tips

The League of Legends Beginner's Guide
Gameplay Tip

Carpe Fenestra

Thursday, 15 Aug 2013
The long and wide concept of Aggresive play. I bet you've heard about it, around forums, streams, live tournament commentary and so on. Is it as simple as it looks? What exactly does that mean? Let's go into a very important concept that will bring the light into our LoL lives.Carpe fenestra quam...
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Tip: Casting Animation

Wednesday, 19 Dec 2012
Every champion has four abilities, some even more! That's a discovery nearly everybody makes whilst playing their first game. Some abilities have channelling, whilst others can be cast instantly... or not? Although they are listed as 'instant cast' some aren't as instant as others! Advantage or...
Gameplay Tip

Duo Lane Synergy

Friday, 2 Dec 2011
Out of all the lanes in League of Legends, the bottom lane is usually the only one with two champions. In this feature, we will examine the types of duo-lanes you can set up for maximum effectiveness. Since bottom lane is usually the most gankable by junglers and the closest to the Dragon,...
Gameplay Tip

Other Types of Damage

Wednesday, 9 Nov 2011
What can you tell me about damage? Perhaps that it hurts? That it takes away your hit points? Perhaps it is something that makes you retreat to base? That kills you?In the overlay of gaming, damage is always paired up with the word Life or Hit Points. If you take damage, your HP bar will go...
Gameplay Tip

Dodge: Worth It?

Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011
'Only pick dodge it you are feeling luck!' Well that is bullshit! Dodge is a very RNG (Random Number Generator) based stat. Random stats aren't reliable but still dodge is an interesting and powerful stat. An insight!Where to get?There are four ways to get dodge.Masteries: they can provide you...
Gameplay Tip

The Hard Leash

Saturday, 10 Sep 2011
Players that have been with the game for a substantial period of time may remember a small change that impacted how Junglers perform several months ago. The change was Monsters will reaggro before being reset after losing line of sight.This change introduced the world to a small technique called...
Gameplay Tip

Glass Cannoning: Is More Damage Always Better?

Thursday, 9 Jun 2011
The term Glass Cannon is usually applied to those who can deal a heavy amount of damage at the cost of defense or health. It is also a pretty standard definition of a magical hero in the majority of RPGs: a tiny robe-clothed spell caster ready to unleash hell upon your screen. Here in League of...
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Sunday, 5 Jun 2011
Riot's most recent patch introduced Tenacity. With new stats comes new mechanics and with new mechanics comes more confusion. Let's unravel the puzzle and make everything clear!TenacityTenacity does exactly the same thing as what Mercury Treads use to do before their remake: reduce Crowd Control....
Gameplay Tip

Countering Healing

Monday, 11 Apr 2011
There are many champions in League of Legends that, among other things, have one trait in common: they can heal. Some heal themselves and some heal others, but in all cases there will be healing of some sort. Unfortunately, in some situations this can lead to a lot of agitation, as people like...
Gameplay Tip

A Safe Getaway

Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011
Twisted Fate is a champion with a teleport ability, namely his ultimate. In order to properly execute this ability, he needs around two seconds to safely teleport away. Unfortunately, during those two seconds he can be damaged and even blocked from teleportation (Stuns, Knock Up, you name it)....