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League of Legends Videos

The League of Legends Beginner's Guide

Video of the Week #1 - Fnatic MSI vs GO

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011
Since we will be creating gamecasts on a regular basis from now on, we are starting a new feature called "Video of the Week". For the first week we have a finest European clash between Fnatic MSI and GO! Commented by a very special duo: Onaprayer and BlackKnightofEa. Featuring Holyftw as the...

Strategy VoDs by Eph2.8-9

Thursday, 2 Jun 2011
GameReplays is proud to present a collection of Videos by Eph 2.89, an experienced Commentator just starting out in League of Legends. He presents us with Videos meant to highlight, illustrate, and inform those who watch. Whether he's breaking down Galio Ultimates or Ashe Arrows, he's sure to...

Deman ESL Coverage!

Friday, 27 May 2011
Deman is back with several new Video's covering the ESL Go4LoL, ESL Masters, and ESL Premier. He will also be commentating this weekend on ESL TV, be sure to tune in here on GameReplays!ESL Go4LoL (Europe) Fnatic vs GAMED - Go4LoL April Final Match 3 Fnatic vs GAMED - Go4LoL April...

Deman's Video on Demand

Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Let me start off by saying, Yes I was that guy on stage at the WCG with Phreak. No I was not biased in anyway on stage and nor should I have been or ever will be. I have setup a new youtube channel for League of Legends match commentary. I plan to add many more VoD's as I get back into casting...

This Week in League of Legends VoD's #7

Friday, 6 May 2011
This week features several matches from the EMS Series, Premiere series, and ESL commentated upon by Deman. Game #16 Match 16 - Team Liquid vs Team SoloMid National ESL Premier - Week 4 Match 2JPAK Blue: OnionBagel (Blitzcrank), insaner (Malzahar), BlackSwan (Shaco), Uniqlo (Corki), jpak...

League of Legends Extraordinary Commentary

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2011
As the National Electronic Sports League kicks off it's first major tournament, unofficial mod LoLReplays improves, and people search for new ways to explore the competitive world of League of Legends, inspired Gentlemen go out of their ways to present high quality commentary! This week we bring...

Video on Demand by FourCourtJester

Wednesday, 2 Mar 2011
The past weekend has been an exciting one for GameReplays Commentator Extraordinaire FourCourtJester. As the National ESL Finals wound down to crown the king of League of Legends North America, over Twenty Five Thousand people watched RiotPhreak and FourCoutJester commentate live for over Eight...

This Week in Lol VoDs #6

Wednesday, 2 Feb 2011
The previous few weeks have been an exciting one for GameReplays Commentator FourCourtJester who had the privilege of commentating a pair of SoloMid.Net Tournament matches!And check out another GameReplays Invitational hosted by MartyJCCheck out the rest of GameReplays League of Legends VoDs.

This Week in LoL VoDs #5

Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011
This week features a very well commentated game brought to us by Clintleetwood and FourcourtJester along with a Ventcast that is also a fantastic Gragas Tutorial!Learn to Gragas like a Dutchy!JesterLeet dual casts™.Check out our other League of Legends VoD's!Return to the League of Legends Portal.

This week in LoL VoDs #4

Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011
The last several weeks have been the weeks of ventcasts! Senior Commentator MartyJC shows us some Shen in what turns into a 4v5!Heroes of Newerth and LoL contributor FourCourtJester shows off some Sivir action.Check out his other recent VoD, a Jungle Olaf's Mishaps and commentary!League of...