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#1933552688  Mar 6 2011, 05:25 AM -
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hmmm was drinking bymyself all night, and just been losing, slowly starting to sober up get tacticsonline to join, then ad kassadin is unleashed.

enjoy =D
#2takticsonline  Mar 6 2011, 18:02 PM -
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gettin told AD kassadin is good is one thing.

Seeing it annihilate entire teams first hand is another.

Quite crazy!!!!
#3Clashje  Mar 6 2011, 21:54 PM -
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This replay is best when you speed it up. Watchin Kas zap all over the place biggrin.gif. definitly gave me my laugh back after a losing streak of like 10 games.
#4933552688  Mar 7 2011, 08:40 AM -
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only thing I freakin hate with ad kassa is , if your tank cant iniate your stuck watching your team mate getting slaughtered...
#5Blazing_Toaster  Mar 7 2011, 10:36 AM -
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So, AD kass seems like an interesting idea, but I still don't see this being viable vs good people especially when compared to AP kass. You have a very weak early game. I would suggest a different starting item than amp tome. If you want to rush sheen, starting with a saphire crystal is much better for the sole reason that you have 2 hp pots instead of one. You aren't harassing too much or farming with abilities for amp tome to make a difference, but the health pots will make a difference.

There's just too many normal game shenanigans going on throughout the game for me to really judge if this is viable :\ Will have to try out for myself I suppose.
#6933552688  Mar 7 2011, 14:37 PM -
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guess I need to upload some 5v5 arranged games then. unfortunate, I end up with kassadin banned alot.

No his earlie game isnt weak, your earlie game is to help your own team get feed, with awesome ganks, thats his way of getting damage, as long as you get triforce, your pretty much set for the game.

if it goes bad just, get hp atmas, and more mr and armour, and tank+ abuse passive for speed =)

tomb, was pretty much like this leblanc is freaking strong,when lvl.6 soo tried as best to get a decent farm,

doesnt mather what you start with you are going home alot, compared to ap kassadin.

but again your ganks are much stronger, and as you get shen, boots etc, you will end up destroying the other guy mid.
I have had games with warmoung, atmas, sunfire, and FoN,

edit@ I will upload printscreens for the 5 ranked games I have played ad kassadin in solo que.

the 6 game however the entier my team lost horribly =/

edit@ xD you might want to try more than once, cuz ur most likely gona have a hard time,and feel ad sucks compared to ap >_>
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#7Blazing_Toaster  Mar 8 2011, 12:04 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:

No his earlie game isnt weak

I don't mean early game up till level 6-9. I'm talking about early early game. Kassadin's poor early game lasts till level 6 because he can't harass or heal very well compared to other typical solo champions. The reason kassadin cannot harass compared to other champions is that his E spell doesn't get charged up fast enough in a 1v1 lane early game because not many spells are getting used on either side. Compared to someone like sion, who has two strong damage spells and an attack steroid into the early levels. That's just to name one example and sion is an exceptional laner. Even for many of the typical solo lanes, kassadin lanes like an early Vlad - You're just kind of stalling until you get to level 6-9. And that's when he's AP spec.

Maybe if you laned with full defense spec, or at least strength of spirit, and laned with a saphire crystal or a doran's shield, you could do ok. Or even be focused on more regen early game like cloth armor pots or like bigfatjiji does and start with almost exclusively pots on some characters. But by that game, and the game I tested it before I had to do things yesterday, seemed weaker early game than AP kass. The game I played was a worse normal game test than yours as there wasn't a jungler on the enemy team and they had no tank - 3 ad carries(poppy,ezreal,cait) and 2 mage(sion,karthas) carries if you just looked at how they built. So I still have to try this again.
#8933552688  Mar 8 2011, 16:48 PM -
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yes I have alot of differnt setups, I preafer dorans shield start, against ranged carries, but against AP carries I prefear hp pots.

I have 21 in defense or, 0/17/13


etc long list,, usally have 4 runepages+6 diffrent masterie pages for kassadin >_> atleast in ranked when you know what your up against

anyway. if you end up playing against say, a none (serius setup) (jungler,tank,ap,carrie,ad carrie,support)

you might be forced into tank kassadin,witch is not bad at all, rather strong, can take a beating and deals trmendous damage.

core items then would be thornmail, FoN, warmoungs and atmas, and evetualy IE. you dont need attackspeed, passive should provide it for you

edit@ actually forgot to mention this, Kassadin can be played many ways, and not just ad/ap

he also work very well as byrid, some games, you need to go for AP as well as AD.

idk, just find kassadin to be effective at roughly anybuild, compared to alot of other champions
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#9Blazing_Toaster  Mar 10 2011, 15:32 PM -
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Yeah, I've played kassadin as a support tank and it's pretty funny. You still do fairly good damage if you get a high amount of mana and riftbomb people and if you're tanky you'll actually use your passive. I think it'd be cool if Riot changed kassadin into a more AD/Tank focussed character rather than a pain in the ass AP character. I guess they would just do this by nerfing AP kassadin as AD/Tank kassadin is already workable. I dunno, but I don't really like how some mages work right now and I always wanted kassadin to be a more focused burst auto attacker going in and out of fights rather than AP like most do.

Tank kassadin is pretty fun though too. If you get tear and get a chalice and blue you can rift bomb at least 6 stacks of your ult. And then you just need tank items. You usually need more health and armor than MR as your passive + health work well enough for magic resist. It's a pretty fun way to play him, although I think still inferior to AP.
#10Scherlo  Mar 10 2011, 17:19 PM -
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teigen, nice game i have to say smile.gif i really enjoyed it
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