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#31933552688  Apr 5 2011, 10:21 AM -
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they dont teach much.

Thats the reason why I dislike them. Its a strategy game, I want to see strategies, team compositions etc. I can learn from. I could also upload games where I pwned bots in a coop game then.
Its just hard to filter the really good games out of the ownage crap.

Well thats my opinion ofc. As long as the staff team thinks its good how it is now I cant really complain since there are no rules wink.gif

I agree with you, 110%. the reason is simple, how many of the LoL players in the Gr.org community, have a 5v5 team to play with?, I will be honest and take a wild guess, maybe 5%, of the community, play regualr 5v5 premades, (with the same guys every time) in hopes of getting better at the game.

soo when you play by yourself, you, really cant execute any strategies from a 5v5 premade game, since your stuck with yourself. playing.

Am hoping a new mentor/mentee pogram would come, that way I can take with me mentees and introduce em to similar skilled players, and take em with me for some 5v5 premade games, where actually strategies and smart teamwork will teach em something. instead of awesome 1v1 skills, who have no reall place expect in a solo lain mid/top.(even tho focus should most of the time be on getting CS and not trying to harrass the shit out of the other guy)
#32GreyKnight  Apr 18 2011, 15:29 PM -
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Wubbed, good game.
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