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Heat n Serve - Taric - Unranked - Solo (W)

#1heatnserve  May 8 2011, 11:52 AM -
Replays: 20 Game:

I am showcasing my Taric guide ( http://tinylc.com/Tp ) in this replay.

Their Olaf decided to jungle with Ignite/Heal, and may have been AFK to start, so that gave us a slight advantage. Overall, this was a fairly even match. After a while of competing for last hits with Veigar, I decided to roam and help other lanes by healing teammates, trying to gank and trying to push towers. Once I got Boots of Mobility and a Philosopher's Stone, I never had to return to base. I ended up with 4k gold before I finally went back for a Shurelya's and two-thirds of a Deathcap. I started diving towers more to land stuns so that my team could blow people up. It wasn't long before we got baron and pushed mid for gg.
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