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Unit Spotlight: IS-2

By Church - 16th September 2009 - 07:22 AM

Welcome Comrades, to the overview of our heavy tank the ‘Ioseph Stalin 2’, currently deployed with the elite Guards Heavy Tank companies. This tank will strike fear into the fascists’ hearts, with its thick armour and powerful gun it is the pinnacle of tank technology.

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It is designed with thick armour to stop German 88’s and a powerful gun to destroy Tigers and Panthers with ease. The 122mm D25 was chosen for the main gun as after field tests it was seen to penetrate the front armour of the German Panther tanks, Germanys own tests on the gun however found the gun unable to penetrate the front armour plate of the Panther tank at any distance.

Here we have the IS-2, named after our leader Ioseph Stalin himself, making the tank a true man of steel! With extremely thick-sloped armour and a very powerful 122mm main gun, this tank is best used in supporting infantry attacks on dug in enemies or in the defence of a key area.

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The IS series came around as Stalin was about to terminate the Soviet Heavy tank program in favour of T34 production. After the introduction of the Tiger and Panther tanks in Germany’s armies required the Heavy tank series to be continued. His new series was an extension of the KV series but was renamed IS due to the soviet marshal Kliment Voroshilov losing Stalin’s favour.

The IS-2 heavy tank first saw combat in the spring of 1944, and assigned to heavy tank units in groups of 21 tanks. Nearly 4000 of these tanks were produced before the wars end in 1945, about 2000 less than the number of panthers built by Germany. These tanks would be used to punch through the enemy lines, using the powerful guns to destroy dug in emplacements and enemy tanks alike, allowing T34’s to break out into the enemy’s rear sections and wreak havoc.

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The IS-2 in Men of War

In Men of War the IS-2 should be used to support your infantry in assaulting a fortified enemy position, using its thick armour to survive enemy defensive fire and using its powerful gun to destroy all but the staunchest opposition.

Units To Look Out For With The IS-2

Even the IS-2 like any other tank has its vulnerabilities here is a list of the units you can use to counteract this heavy tank.

Germany: Against Germany the IS-2 should watch out for, anything with an 88m KwK 43, Panther, Rocket launcher, Storm troopers and Fallschirmjager.

Japan: Kamikaze’s, Chi-Ri, Rocket launcher infantry.

United Kingdom: Rocket launcher infantry and anything with a 17pdr.

United States: M36 slugger, T29, Rocket launcher infantry, Pershing, M18 and a Hellcat.

This bring us to the end of our first unit spotlight, stay tuned for next week’s unit spotlight.

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