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Active Aggression: Winning 1v2

#1FiveAces  Jul 21 2015, 20:48 PM -

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Pretty dynamic game. Rich didn't retreat his con yard in time and lost to a V2 push, but I managed to hold on and push through eventually. Salvakiya tried to counterpressure and send his last MCV over to my base, but a flock of YAKs held the line.
#2Materia  Jul 22 2015, 12:39 PM -
Replays: 23
nice game, your early tech center has cost rich's live maybe (not much support) but without it and all the oretrux you wouldnt have been able to smash them.
so well done lol

p.s. the doubles replay i uploaded was like 2vs1 too, much fun to watch hehe
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