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3v3 on Snow Town

#1Newwe  Oct 13 2015, 16:01 PM -
Replays: 22
Sorry for the lackluster gg, I was annoyed that my teammate surrendered but it appears it was over anyway.

Not my favourite map (sry SoScared), it basically seems like each side gets their ore and there's no real incentive to attack, not that it stopped my team from pushing hard in the southwest. This resulted in inefficient combat and was a big reason for the loss imo. I could have spent a bit less on hinds/cruisers/harvesters for sure. The chrono abomb snipe was nice, didn't even realize my abomb was gone until later. AoA was a bit lucky [smart? smile.gif] that he mined the top first or my naval might have stopped him from mining more ore.
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