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Bot ,,Campaign´´ Game with text.

#1Markis  Apr 19 2022, 21:14 PM -
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Campaign ,,Last Mission´´ Atreides VS Mercenaries, Ordos, Harkonnen and Corrino.Ideas how to bring more Dramatical rules for Dune2K in the spirit of old School. Slowest Game Speed. I was writing a lot during the play. Home Harder game rules. Siege tanks are very Nasty. Menu Difficulty in Moderate / Hard Settings. Rules was developed for Dramatical Online Battles. There is ,,new´´ unit and new secondary functions of some units. Map with a lot of Strategical and tactical Lessons. For Teams 2+1 vs 2+1 Accord the Name of Map: Minor Front. Primary. https://resource.openra.net/maps/46613/
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