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Quick Hero Guide Series

Quick Hero Guide Series
The Heroes
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  • Bastion is all about surprise. He is easily one of the worst, if not the worst hero when you don't have the element of surprise. After one enemy push or even one or two kills, you will need to move, and keep moving. If the other team is good, they will kill you. Bastion isn't as functional in higher level matches (whether it be in ranked or in tournaments) but he can be helpful as long as you have one thing: the element of surprise.

  • Don't be afraid to run around in Recon Mode. Running around in Recon Mode is perfectly acceptable, although you do want to stay in Sentry Mode whenever possible. You do roughly as much damage as S:76, but you'll end up having a lot of trouble being a rather big threat due to your accuracy.

  • You will be spammed at, a lot. You will be shot at around corners where they get full damage shots in, and you barely scratch them. Keep this in mind when you're positioning yourself. You can use this to bait enemies (set up in LoS of where a corner that is covered by your teammates is, this will keep you safe or allow your team to pick up kills.)

  • Always shoot at Reinhardt shields. This is probably pretty obvious, but you shred Reinhardt shields. Always keep shooting at them. Bastion absolutely melts them.

  • Get in very strange spots and odd places. People will not expect you to take the long way around to get somewhere. People will not expect you to be high in the air. Hide in a room where a large health pack is an obliterate people that are low. Any spot that you can shoot from while they're committing to an objective push is a good one.

As a closing note on Bastion, it's always very good to realise that he really isn't that good of a hero. Never forget he's one of the worst heroes in the game of OverWatch. He can and will work for you some games, but don't expect that to be the norm. If you're expecting to hop in and "main" Bastion, you will likely be in for a rude awakening or a lot of lost games.