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Overwatch New PTR Patch

By FallenXE - 11th January 2017 - 17:12 PM

As per Blizzard's official forums, a new patch has been made available on the Public Test Region for Overwatch and it contains changes related to Sombra, Roadhog and Ana.

The patch notes can be seen below:

We're about to push a new build to the PTR with some new changes:

Roadhog Hook
  • Added some more line of sight checks towards the left/right of a potential hook target. This means it should be easier to hook someone who is sticking halfway out of a doorway, or behind a thin pole, etc. These checks are also used for the persistent line of sight check, so if a hook target moves behind a slim object like a stump or a lightpole, they won't be released anymore.

  • Hooked targets are now slowed heavily while they are stunned, even if they are in the air. This means if someone is strafe jumping away from you and you land a hook, they are a lot less likely to slide out of line on sight, breaking the hook.

  • Fixed a bug that could allow you to hook someone and pull them behind you if you spun around before the hook landed.

  • Biotic Grenade duration reduced from 5s to 4s

  • Hack cooldown reduced from 12s to 8s

Thanks for the feedback so far! Hopefully we'll have this new patch up very soon so you guys can check it out and let us know what you think.
Source: Blizzard

For information as to how to participate in the Public Test Region, do check out the official guide and walkthrough by Blizzard that can be located here! In addition to that, there is also an included frequently asked questions section in the aforementioned link.