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How Overwatch Came To Be

By Diploid - 7th May 2016 - 08:46 AM

Blizzard has released a three-part documentary on the making of Overwatch. The first and second part explains how Overwatch came to be; you may have heard of the costly failure and fall of Titan, at which many developers have spent countless days and nights working on a game, which never came to be. The third and final part of the documentary shows how Blizzard's incredible ability to create an immersive story with very rich characters, with a multiplayer-only FPS. This part showcases the creation and origin of the playable characters in Overwatch, and you'll soon notice the rich detail which it entails.

The amount of passion, devotion, and emotion that Blizzard puts into their games and it's amazing how they manage to constantly release one amazing title after another. They're making games for us, the people, and not to make a quick buck. The fall of Titan and the conception of Overwatch is an excellent example of how Blizzard works. The part that got me the most was when Chris Metzen was talking about the announcing of Overwatch at BlizzCon when he said he almost started crying on stage, and his fellow developers were overtaken with emotion.

You will recognize so much of old footage, CTF in Quake/CTF in Quake 2, Quake 1, Team Fortress, Half-Life's Team Fortress, Action Quake, and the list goes on. You won't realize how far it goes, Blizzard avidly researched older games, took inspiration and created what the market originally hasn't explored. Tracer's guns act like the Quake nail guns, Widowmaker's rifle is similar to the old UT rifle but slightly toned down like the Lightning Gun from UT2k3-4, Junkrat's tire is basically the Redeemer from UT and the grenade launcher from Quake 1, Roadhog's got the UT Flak cannon, Mercy's got the pistol from Quake 2, Pharah was inspired by the old Quake rocket launchers, and so on.

It was certainly a trip down memory lane with each of the classics they talked about. It was a refreshing reminder that these games were so influential that they paved the way for many of the games we play today; including Overwatch. It was just as awesome to see that they wanted to make Overwatch a game that many of us remember from the old days, and build on this to allow newer generations to enjoy the type of game many of us grew up on.

Check out the documentary below:

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