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Overwatch Strategy Guide: Gameplay and Maps

By Diploid - 23rd May 2016 - 14:34 PM

What's up everyone, our active community member OneCabal^ is back once again for another article on OverWatch!
This time with a brand new strategy guide talking about Overwatch's general gameplay, the different game modes and its associated maps.

There are many different game modes in Overwatch, to which there are different maps associated to it.
I will be introducing the map(s), what game mode it falls under, the map's location, the terrain, and which Overwatch heroes are beneficial and easy-to-use for these maps.

First on the list is Assault Mode, we will look at Escort Mode, Hybrid Mode and finally Control Mode afterwards.

Assault Mode

In Assault Mode, the attacking team must capture two objective points in order to win the game and the defending team must defend their objective points from being captured to win the objective.

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Game Style: Assault Mode

Location: Japan

Terrain: Long straightaways on the street, but there are some small buildings to get caught up in and a few ledges to snipe from.

Best Heroes: Genji, and Hanzo.

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Temple of Anubis

Game Style: Assault Mode

Location: Egypt

Terrain: Egyptian-style Anubis has plenty of overpasses and stairs, making multi-level combat the primary focus. It has a variety of settings and frequently forces combat in a more intimate way.

Best Heroes: Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Mercy.

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Volskaya Industries

Game Style: Assault Mode

Location: Russian Federation

Terrain: Wide stairs, hallways and plenty of big rooms offer players the chance to meet up as groups or take each other down with major abilities. Volskaya makes shielding and defensive capabilities a must, and a bad map for small heroes like Tracer for example.

Best Heroes: Lucio, Reinhardt, Bastion, Roadhog

Escort Mode

In Escort mode, there is a transport with a payload on it, one team must transport the payload to the checkpoint in order to win within the time. The other team must stop the payload from reaching the base, until time runs out.

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Game Style: Escort Mode

Location: Near New Mexico City, Mexico

Terrain: This primarily outdoor map offers tons of cover, places to hide and turtle, and strategic spots to leap out and melee an enemy: close-combat will be a be problem for fast attacking heroes.

Best Heroes: Symmetra, Widowmaker, Junkrat, and Zarya.

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Game Style: Escort Mode, and Hybrid Mode.

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Terrain: Classic Hollywood style, players start on Hollywood Boulevard - complete with stars on the side walk - and make their way to Goldshire Studios. Following this area is the Hollywood Backlot, complete with different sets, it makes for a mix of close quarters combat and hideouts.

Best Heroes: All Heroes are good on this map.

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King's Row

Game Style: Escort Mode, Hybrid Mode.

Location: London, England

Terrain: The playing areas are primarily outdoor with city squares and building lobbies offering plenty of vehicles and corners to duck around. Long line of sight can be difficult to find here, favouring short-range fighters.

Best Heroes: All tank Heroes, Symmetra, Lucio, and Tracer.

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Game Style: Escort Mode, Hybrid Mode.

Location: Nigerian Savanna, Nigeria

Terrain: There is plenty of open landscape, as it offers a number of vertical levels and tons of balconies, making it great for snipers and characters with vertical climbing/jumping abilities. This is my favourite map for playing Escort mode.
Best Heroes: Genji, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Lucio, Junkrat.

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Route 66

Game Style: Escort Mode

Location: American South west, United States

Terrain: The fabled Deadlock Gorge is mostly seen from the comfort of transcontinental train cars. But amid the fading monuments of that earlier era, much like the historic Route 66, the shops, and gas stations, along with high cliffs, make it perfect for hideouts and sniper points.

Best Heroes: Widowmaker, Tracer, Lucio, Solider 76, Genji, and Hanzo.

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Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Game Style: Escort Mode

Location: The Rock of Gibraltar, Unknown

Terrain: Watchpoint: Gibraltar is a futuristic port with plenty of tight, twisty hallways and corridors, with plenty of places to hide, itís also possible to get bottle-necked and destroyed if youíre not careful.

Best Heroes: Symmetra, Zenyatta, Torbjorn, and McCree

Hybrid Mode

In Hybrid Mode, it is basically a combination of both Assault mode, and Escort mode, and it cycles through those two game modes, the maps in Hybrid mode are Hollywood, Kings Row, and Numbani.

Control Mode

Finally we are at the final game mode in Overwatch (and my personal favourite), On Control, two teams fight over a series of objective areas in a best-of-three format. This means that there is no distinction to attacking or defending teams like in other game modes, once the game starts the control point takes 30 seconds to unlock, and a team needs to control it until one team reaches 100%, then the game goes to the next round.

Now the maps.

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Game Mode: Control mode

Location: Greece

Terrain: A small city, Ilios is a postcard-perfect Mediterranean town, with a bustling harborside, winding paths for rambling hillside strolls and gorgeous vistas. Plenty of space for large combat and high spots for snipers.

Best Heroes: Widowmaker, Phara, Bastion.

IPB Image

Lijiang Tower

Game Mode: Control Mode

Location: China (Flag:CHN)

Terrain: The tower itself is home to one of the leading companies in Chinaís state-of-the-art space industry, Lucheng Interstellar, an organization with a long pioneering history that is currently pushing the boundaries of space exploration, with great close quarters combat and more than five entrance ways into the control zone; this map is great for 1 vs 1.

Best Heroes: All tank heroes, Tracer, Mercy, Zenyatta, and Mei.

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Game Mode: Control Mode

Location: Himalayan Mountains, Nepal

Terrain: It has three stages: Village, Shrine, and Sanctum; all 3 stages have their own level of difficulty, with everything from sniper points, to open areas; it's a map to play over and over again to get used to it.

Other Maps

The Practice Range is a tutorial map available in Overwatch. It is open-ended, as a player can select a hero to battle waves of robots, you start as Soldier 76, and you go through the map learning about his abilities.

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Practice Range

Game Mode: Tutorial

Sorry for the delay, but this whole guide was a nightmare to write, I hope everyone is excited for the release of Overwatch on May 24th. I'm also looking forward to seeing new faces on GameReplays.org very soon.


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