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Getting to know your Overwatch Heroes: Bastion

By RRcabal - 20th April 2016 - 02:15 AM

What's up everyone, OneCabal^ back here to introduce another hero that goes by the name Bastion. This hero is the only one of two non-humans in the game (the other non-human is Zenyatta). Today I will once again be discussing this hero's storyline, abilities, tips, and my personal opinion, so let's get started.

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What was once a human-killing robot for the Omnic Rebel Army (ORA), now turned nature peace-friendly robot, this Bastion unit created a connection with nature, after it was left to rust. Bastion robots were created in various robot-producing factories around the world, tasked with peacekeeping missions for the good of mankind, able to reconfigure themselves from robot form to stationary cannons and back again. However, during the Omnic crisis, the Bastion units turned against their human makers and provided the bulk of the Omnic Rebel Army.

The aftermath of the Omnic crisis was that nearly all of the Bastion robots were destroyed, all except for one. Sst Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, “BASTION", was severely damaged during the final days of the war, and was left to rust for decades, with vines and plants growing over it, until one day it unexpectedly reactivated. With its combat programming all but destroyed, it had an ingenuous curiosity about nature, and all its inhabitant creatures that surrounded Bastion.

Although Bastion appears to be harmless at times, its combat programming senses danger around itself and is ready to reconfigure if necessary. Although it has encountered very few humans since its reactivation, it has chosen to stay clear of heavily populated areas, in favor of the wild where its curiosity has driven it.

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Hero Abilities

Class: Defense

Health Points: 300

Primary Weapon - Configuration Recon: , Bastion is able to fire a rapid sub-machine gun at its enemies and move freely around the battlefield. It holds 20 rounds and takes 1.5 seconds to reload.

Secondary Weapon - Configuration Sentry: Bastion unleashes a Gatling cannon, able to hold 200 rounds, which takes 1.5 seconds to reload. Bastion cannot move in this state, but it can self-repair.

Ability #1 - Reconfigure: Bastion is able to switch from two different configuration combat modes. There is no cooldown for this ability.

Ability #2 - Self-Repair: Bastion self-repairs itself anywhere on the battlefield. Although it cannot fire or move in this state, once fully repaired, it only takes 1 second for the ability to be used again.

Ultimate Ability - Configuration Tank: Bastion can transform into a small but powerful tank, capable of firing heavily armed shells. It can seriously damage enemy heroes in its area of effectiveness. This Ult ability lasts for 10 seconds, then Bastion transforms back.

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Gatling Cannon Usage
Because Bastion's main weapon is a sub-machine gun with only 20 rounds, it has little damage potential, so switching to your Gatling Cannon is going to be your best bet in eliminating enemy heroes. It gives you more rounds to fire.

Bastion on Offense
Playing Bastion while on defense is great to hold off enemy heroes, to secure your checkpoint in assault mode, or to prevent your enemy from transporting the payload on escort mode, but try to play Bastion when your team is on the attack. For one, many players will not expect Bastion on offense (since hes a defense hero), so they will not be prepared for the insane attack damage. Plus controlling checkpoints will be easier, and transporting payload in escort mode will be more on the move.

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My Personal Opinion

Playing Bastion gets boring very quickly. For one, since he does most of his damage when he is in sentry mode, you just sit there and shoot at enemy heroes. While that can be fun for most players, it does get old, especially on defense, when you need to control a checkpoint, and Bastion switches to sentry mode and stands there. There is no need to move him; you can of course move around the battlefield, but your team might not like it. There have been times where I did that, and my team was very upset, saying it was my fault when we lose. If you have the patience to sit still and fire at enemy heroes, then Bastion is right for you, however if you prefer to stay mobile, choose a hero that might suit you better.

The Overwatch beta is set to be released on May 3rd - I look forward to playing with GameReplays.org members! Thank you for taking the time to readup on Bastion.

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