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Getting to know your Overwatch Heroes: Tracer

By RRcabal - 10th April 2016 - 06:15 AM

Today I will be introducing one of the heroes in Overwatch that goes by the name of Tracer. Now I understand the game has not been released yet, but I have been fortunate enough to play the game during the developmental stages, so I will be discussing Tracer's storyline, her abilities, what strategies you can do as her, and my personal opinion about her gameplay.

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Tracer's Storyline

Tracer, as you might know, is the most popular hero in the game, using her speed to surprise enemy heroes on the opposite team. Hailing from London in the United Kingdom, 26 year old Lena Oxton joined the British Air Force at a very young age, before she turned 21. She rose through the ranks and became Great Britain's finest ace, earning her the name "Tracer". During the Omnic crisis, newly developed teleportation aircraft was introduced to the world, and Overwatch has recruited Tracer to become its very first pilot. During the test however, something went seriously wrong with the aircraft's teleportation mechanism, and aircraft, known as the SlipStream, disappeared, along with Tracer herself.

Months went by, until Tracer suddenly re-appeared out of nowhere. However, the interaction from the SlipStream's teleportation mechanism had Tracer fading in and out of existence. Sometimes she would disappear for weeks - even the top scientists in the world couldn't come up with a solution to fix her problem. Eventually Winston, a Gorilla scientist from the moon, created a suit called the "chronal-Accelerator" which made it so Tracer would be locked in present time, but also gave her the ability to control the time around her.

After this amazing invention, Tracer and Winston became the best of friends. Although her life as a British pilot was a thing of the past, Overwatch recruited Tracer to be an Overwatch agent, and eventually she scored a spot in Overwatch's original Mobile Strike Force Team (OMSF) led by Strike Commander John Morrison. However, when an unexpected attack came on Overwatch's headquarters in Switzerland, many of the Overwatch commanders were pronounced dead at the scene. Since that terrible tragedy, Tracer venturers through the world, and fights for good, wherever she is needed.

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Hero Abilities

  • Class: Offensive
  • Health Points: 150
  • Passive abilities: None, since all offensive heroes don't have any passive abilities
  • Primary Weapon - Pulse Pistols: Fires blue lightning shots that do moderate damage; she has only 40 shots (20 per pistol), but her reload time is only 1 second
  • Secondary Weapon: None
  • Ability #1 - Blink (Shortcut E): Allows Tracer to blink forwards through time, and appear a few yards away from where she was; she only has 3 Blinks available, but recharges 1 Blink every 2.5 seconds
  • Ability #2 - Recall (Shortcut SHIFT): Allows Tracer to travel backwards in time, away from any danger she might encounter, replenishing her health, ammo, and position on the map from a few seconds before; has a 12 second recharge time, so use sparingly
  • Ultimate Ability - Pulse Bomb (Shortcut Q): When your ultimate ability (Ult) has charged up, Tracer will be able to place down a Pulse Bomb; once placed, it takes 2 seconds for the bomb to explode, dealing very high damage to enemy heroes
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Tip #1: Surprise Pulse Bomb
When all of Tracer's abilities are fully charged, including your Pulse Bomb, use your Blink (E) to blink behind enemy heroes, then place your Pulse Bomb (Q), and use your Recall (Shift) to get back to your original position. While you're going back in time, the bomb will go off, dealing high damage to any heroes in its vicinity.

Tip #2: Blink Through Enemies
During a 1v1 PvP duel, when facing an enemy hero head on, use Blink (E) and you'll run right through the enemy hero, removing 25% of its hit points.

Tip #3:
Many maps have terrain that is very difficult to traverse. Check out this video, which explains different ways for Tracer to traverse these obstacles:

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My Personal Opinions and Conclusion

I have played about 60 hours of Tracer. She is very easy to understand and play, and is a good hero to start off with if you're new to the game, since her abilities are really easy to master. Many players seem to have a hard time hunting her down now, since she blinks from one area to another. But to be honest, I find her really easy to eliminate. Since she only has close range pulse pistols, she has a tough time with snipers and other long range weapons, so try to snipe her from afar. She also has some of the lowest health of anything in the game, along with the rest of the offensive class heroes, so she has a weakness to tank heroes, and on occasion a few defense class heroes, but that's where her fast attack abilities come into play.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on Tracer! I am looking forward to seeing many Gamereplays.org members playing Overwatch when it is released, and remember, "A world can always use more heroes" -Tracer.

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