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Quick Hero Guide: Genji

By Diploid - 17th September 2016 - 16:07 PM

Greetings, welcome to another iteration of Quick Hero Guide!

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Today, let's see how we can play with Genji effectively.
  • Starting with an obvious one, your dash resets every time you get an elimination. Whether it's a kill or kill assist, if your dash is off cooldown, it will be reset after an elimination. Killing a building (or anything that isn't a hero) won't reset it. Killing D.Va's mech will also not reset the dash cooldown.

  • Quick melee. Please, use it. Genji is very reliant on quick melee. You should use it a lot. If you have a mouse with thumb buttons, bind it to mouse 4 or something (I think it by default).

  • If a target is right in front of you, here is the combo: right click, quick melee, then dash through them. If you land this entire combo, it is 164 damage practically instantly. This is obviously a lot, and will either kill or leave most heroes with only a little bit of HP that is easy to finish off. If they don't have a defensive ability they can use (such as Symmetra) you can throw in as many right click as you can at the start.

  • If they are farther away, here is the combo: left click, dash in as the shurikens are hitting, spin around, right click, then quick melee. This is 248 damage and will kill almost all the non-tanks.

  • Shuriken speed and travel time is critical to learn. You have to constantly adjust your aim throughout the entire left click to hit all three shurikens. If you can't do this, you won't be able to do either of the combos or get a lot of kills at all really.

  • Switch Up your firing modes! I see a lot of really good Genji players rely on right-click way too much. If you aren't close enough to hit 2 or more shurikens from your right-click, you need to try and use left click. Right-click is much, much more forgiving but you will lose damage if you don't use left-click. Right-click is amazing if you can hit 2 or more of the shurikens from it. It has a slightly higher rate of fire, so if 2 or more will hit, just go with the right-click rather than trying to hit all 3 stars from the left-click.

  • When using deflect, aim it and think about what heroes are shooting at you. If the hero is hitscan (like S:76 or Tracer), you need to aim right at them. If the hero is Pharah, pretend you're playing Pharah and lead the shot back at her. You can headshot with the reflect projectiles, which means that if your aim is good, you can kill people that are just poking at you surprisingly fast. Deflect is actually surprisingly good against Tracer if she is close to you. She shoots so fast and does so much damage that it is pretty easy to force recall out of her or even kill her if you reflect with good aim and then dash through her.

  • Deflect can deflect ultimates if they're projectile based. That means if a McCree is charging deadeye, he has to wait to fire it or he will die. You obviously still have to aim the deadeye back at him. You can reflect stuff like Reaper ult which will make Reaper kill himself. If a Reaper ults, dash in and deflect for a free kill. This list really goes on, if it's a projectile or hit-scan based ultimate, it can be reflected. Probably the most useful but also hardest to deflect one is Zarya's, but if you can, it will turn into your team's gravity surge and will suck the enemy Zarya's entire team in.

  • Dragonblade will not work unless you get a dash reset early on into its duration. Ideally, the other team has a Zenyatta or Tracer with no blinks and recall, and you dash through them and immediately kill them. Getting your first dash reset early on is very key, after you get your first one, the rest of the kills become a lot easier and you have a much smaller chance of dying. Target 1 person to get this dash reset. You need to dash in and go for that 1 person relentlessly. Once again, preferably that person is Zenyatta.

  • Using Dragonblade resets your dash cooldown, but not your deflect. Try to avoid popping deflect towards the end of your dragonblade, it will eat the cooldown for deflect and cancel the ability at the end of Dragonblade's duration.
Remember your basics, and take advantage of all your movement options. Donít get caught up in the matchups too much, because Genji has the ability to manipulate and mow down any hero given the right circumstance. Most importantly, have fun. Youíve chosen a character with ultimate freedom.

Are you looking for something more in-depth? Do you have a little more time on your hands? Look no further, I've recently published a strategy guide on how to play as Genji. Enjoy!

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