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Quick Hero Guide: D.Va

By Diploid - 26th August 2016 - 19:46 PM

Greetings, Gamereplays proudly presents a new Quick Hero Guide series, where we will bring you a short, intense guide packed full of useful information and pointers on how to play with a particular hero.

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Today, it's all about D.Va.
  • D.Va is relatively straight forward. Due to that, this section probably won't contain as much helpful information as what I've written for the other heroes.

  • D.Va is not a traditional tank at all. She plays much more like a flanker. If you aren't in the enemy's face the majority of the game, you're doing it wrong. D.Va's fusion cannons have a lot of damage at point-blank range, but it quickly loses it's effectiveness from a distance. Boost in and try and stay as close as possible otherwise you won't get the kill.

  • D.Va is a harasser more than anything. It can be very hard to rack up kills as D.Va. You normally have to thrust in to get close enough to make your damage effective, but then your thrusters are done. They normally can run away from you. If you manage to thrust in a second time, you have some kill potential, but it puts you at a great risk of losing your mech because your thrusters are on cooldown and you are in pretty deep at that point. Your job is to mostly put damage into people and force them to run away and go get health packs.

  • Be disruptive. Very, VERY disruptive. I don't really know how to elaborate on this, but the more people you disturb, the better. Privacy doesn't exist when playing as D.Va.

  • Defense matrix can eat up things like Reaper ult. Fairly obvious, but make sure to use this ability a lot. Cooldown is short, make sure to spam it whenever you or your team is getting pressured, or whenever you can.

  • D.Va's ult is basically pretty lackluster. It is great if you can combine it with Zarya or Reinhardt, but outside of that, you won't be getting much done with it. Send it in whenever the other team is committing hard and hope for the best.
Ultimately Diva is a character not to be taken lightly, she's a jack of all trades and can be both an agile fighter or an armoured tank crushing everyone in her path. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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