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Quick Hero Guide: Junkrat

By Diploid - 7th October 2016 - 13:31 PM

Let us proudy present our Quick Hero Guide series, where we will bring you a short, intense guide packed full of useful information and pointers on how to play with a particular hero.

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Today, let's see how we can play with Junkrat effectively.
  • Junkrat's main strength is how much damage output he has. He does 120 damage on a direct hit and has 5 grenades before he has to reload--this means he can do a whopping 600 damage before having to reload. His rate of fire is also pretty good, so if you're accurate, you can melt anyone really.

  • Keep in mind that steel trap visually sinks into the ground a bit to make it harder to see if the junkrat trap is on the enemy team (AKA if you're playing junkrat, that's what they'll see.) This can make it pretty hard to see if you stick it in the right spot. Generally you'll want to stick it on paths that have a lot of fighting going on. It's relatively easy to be in the thick of a fight and step on a trap due to how focused you are on aiming, dodging, watching, etc.

  • His trap also works well for locking down flank routes. For example, I normally stick my trap in the building to the right of first point Numbani (to the right from the defender's perspective.) If it gets triggered, okay cool--free kill. If it gets destroyed, then I know that someone is there and I can go see what's goin on. If you are going to stick it on flank routes, set it around the corner of the exit or (preferably) the entrance. Setting it in the middle of a path that isn't heavily traversed or contested won't do you any good.

  • A grenade and a concussion mine do 120 damage, 240 if both hit. This is enough to kill most non-tanks (except, once again, Reaper). If you're fighting someone and you see one of your grenades hit, chuck a mine and detonate it. You can kill people before they even know what hit them.

  • Tire is amazing when it doesn't get killed, but it gets killed a decent portion of the times. Your best bet is to throw it in during the middle of a fight. You can make it work when there's no a fight going on, but you normally have to have it drop down on the other team. Sending it straight in works occasionally, but if it's not coming from around a corner that is very close, it's going to get killed.

  • Lastly, Junkrat's grenades explode if they touch an enemy at any point during their duration for full damage unlike TF2's demoman. That means whether you land a direct hit with no bounces, or it bounces along, it's going to do 120 if the grenade is a direct hit.
Junkrat is a very easy target if he's out in the open, but can be very difficult to kill if he's holed up somewhere closed off. He between his trap, mine, and grenades, he excels at killing enemies who try to enter smaller spaces to flush him out. Anyone walking through a door is an easy grenade target, and traps can be left at entrances to catch easy kills. If you can find a place that's small and closed off, provides a line of sight to the main choke that the the other team will approach from, and contains a health pack, there's nothing to stop you from camping there for as long as you need to. If you have your trap/mine combo set up, your abilities off cooldown, and an awareness of which enemy heroes might try to hunt you down, you can deal with almost any threat. You can fire at enemies fighting outside from relative safety, and kill anyone who tries to enter. Your trap can alert you to anyone coming from another door, meaning more kills and more fun.

Have fun!

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