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Quick Hero Guide: Mei

By Diploid - 30th September 2016 - 12:56 PM

Let us proudy present our Quick Hero Guide series, where we will bring you a short, intense guide packed full of useful information and pointers on how to play with a particular hero.

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Today, let's see how we can play with Mei effectively.
  • Mei was one of the weaker heroes, and still kind of is, but she's gotten marginally better. If your Mei is good, she will do work.

  • Mei is not only a close range hero. In fact, I'd say that she's actually strongest at mid-range. You need to abuse your right-click, it is very good if you can aim. You can one-shot/headshot Tracers with it. You can shut down very good players of Tracer before by headshotting them with right-click. It takes some practice, but the projectile moves fast enough to where you don't have to do a ton of guess work. Running in to left-click normally isn't the best play if you're accurate, your icicles do a pretty ridiculous amount of damage for how fast you shoot them and how many you can shoot before reloading.

  • Obviously, use Mei's left-click too. Mei's right-click is primarily for poking and killing low HP heroes with headshots. During the thick of a fight, you need to try and get in there and freeze people. After your freeze goes off, you should right-click headshot them then quick melee. You can also achieve two right-click headshots, if you're quick. This will kill most heroes.

  • Use Ice Wall to split up the fight. One of the most practical examples of this is on Anubis last. You can wall off the bridge to the control point. They have nowhere to run unless they drop into the pit, in which case they aren't pushing anytime soon. Use it to block choke points once one or two heroes are through. This results in easy kills and dissuades the enemy team from pushing as they'll be down a couple of heroes.

  • Another cool thing you can do with Ice Wall is lift people up into spots they normally couldn't get up to. For example, lifting a Bastion up to a spot that he normally never would be in helps him out a lot.

  • Blizzard is pretty self-explanatory: throw it right into the middle of the fight. You know you're doing well if Blizzard is charging fast. If you're hitting a lot of right-clicks (playing well) you will (re)charge Blizzard very fast. It's a pretty strong ultimate that either forces the other team from the point or gives your team an advantage. The AoE isn't huge though, be sure to place it well.

  • Cryo-Freeze is pretty easy to understand. Use it when you're about to die. Use it after you throw Blizzard if you need to stay safe until they're all frozen. Use it to contest the point and payload. Use it to bait people, if they're chasing you, wait until the last second to pop Cryo-Freeze. This will hopefully put the person who was chasing you way out of position and make him an easy kill for your team. Finally, you can make it out of even the worst situations by Cryo-Freezing, then walling yourself off.
Play Mei at your own risk. No matter what you do, no matter how well you play, or how much you’re trying to help you will always be the most hated player in the game. You probably won’t get compliments and no one will be impressed because nothing Mei can do is “flashy”. Even if you save your team, you probably won’t get a word of thanks. You may be called “cancer” and told to “kill yourself”, but remember: Overwatch is a game and we play to have fun. Mei is a very fun character to play and can be a great asset to a team if you know what you’re doing. Choose to play Mei and swear by our creed: “I’m only trying to help”.

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