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Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization Thoughts
Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization
Surviving Mars Release Date Announced
HOI4 - Waking the Tiger
Stellaris: Apocalypse

Paradox Interactive Games News and Updates


Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization Thoughts

Monday, 12 Feb 2018
This afternoon I decided to take a look at the latest Europa Universalis IV from Paradox Interactive, The Cradle of Civilisation. Ever since I first started playing EU, I've had my eyes set on playing a nation from within the Middle-East but with the Ottomans being such a dominant force I have...

Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018
Paradox Interactive has ensured the content keeps rolling for Europa Universalis IV with the Cradle of Civilisation expansion . As usual, the expansion will be coupled with a free patch, that being Patch 1.23 codenamed Persia. Below is the official announcement video from Paradox:What's New in...

Surviving Mars Release Date Announced

Sunday, 4 Feb 2018
Surviving Mars, the upcoming science-fiction city-builder by Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive, finally has a confirmed release date. After months of teasing, the game is scheduled to be released on the 15th March 2018 for the PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The suggested retail...

HOI4 - Waking the Tiger

Thursday, 1 Feb 2018
Waking the Tiger will be available on the 8th March 2018.This DLC will bring in feature listed below,New Focus TreesRevised Battle SystemsNew Alternate Historical Paths For major Axis PowersThis will make your HOi4 experience one to become and fear the unparalleled power of the game bring weird...

Stellaris: Apocalypse

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018
After many months of teasing, Paradox has finally announced the next expansion for Stellaris, in conjunction with the 2.0 'Cherryh' Update. Titled, Apocalypse, the expansion focuses on new features that would provide gigantic firepower to players.Below is the reveal trailer:While we await the...

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, 24 Dec 2017
Seasons Greetings!On behalf of the entire staff here at GameReplays.Org, we wish you a most enjoyable Christmas and a very happy New Year!We hope that this year has been a rewarding and fulfilling one for you and may you have wonderful, fun and safe celebrations over the festive season. Here's to...

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

Sunday, 10 Dec 2017
Slitherine Games and Proxy Studios have announced a new 4X genre game that is to be set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Titled Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War, an announcement trailer has been released which can be watched below:The game will be set on a planet named Gladius Prime and...

Stellaris - Humanoid Species Pack

Thursday, 23 Nov 2017
In Developer Diary #95, Paradox Interactive covered something other than the upcoming Cherryh update for Stellaris, which is the Humanoids Species Pack, that they have been working on silently for some time.This pack comes as a result of the Stellaris's Art Team having a lot of extra time on...

GameReplays.Org is Recruiting Writers!

Tuesday, 7 Nov 2017
Have you ever had the urge to give your thoughts on gaming developments? Perhaps you have a flair for language and want to express yourself to our community? Maybe you would like to build your name as a bona fide games or tech reviewer? Well then, you are in luck because GameReplays.Org is...

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn

Monday, 6 Nov 2017
The latest in Paradox Interactive's belt is the new downloadable content (DLC) for Stellaris, titled Synthetic Dawn. This update saw a complete rebuild for the third and the rarest of the Endgame Crises, the AI Rebellion, into the newly named "The Contingency".The AI Rebellion was only triggered...

First DLC for Steel Division: Normandy 44

Saturday, 23 Sep 2017
Commanders! The first DLC for Paradox's Steel Division: Normandy 44 has been released. Titled "Second Wave", the expansion gives players access to four new divisions:US 4th Armoured DivisionBritish 1st Special Service BrigadeGerman 9th PanzerdivisionGerman 16th Luftwaffen-FelddivisionAlongside...

Europa Universallis - Forming Prussia

Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017
Forming Prussia is no easy task. There are around 4-5 factions that are ideally placed to form Prussia from a reasonably early point in the game. These are as follows:Teutonic OrderBrandenburgPomerniaSaxonyPolandOverall, the first 3 are the best options. This is due to Poland being able to form...

HOI4 - Guide to State Affairs - Political Section

Friday, 7 Jul 2017
Good afternoon Hearts of Iron gamer's and welcome to a Guide to State Affairs - Political Section!The following guide will take you though core area's of the top right bar in game which consists of the following:Political - This is the country you are playing in game, currently this is Germany....

HOI4 - Death and Dishonor

Friday, 16 Jun 2017
Good afternoon fellow gamers,Paradox Interactive have recently announced Death Or Dishonour as a new Country Pack for Hearts Of Iron IV. If you're aware of the history in some depth you might be able to guess where this country pack will be set, but for those that don't know we will be taking a...

Third Rome Expansion for EUIV

Wednesday, 17 May 2017
During PDXCon 2017, Paradox Interactive recently announced the next expansion pack for Europa Univeralis IV titled "Third Rome". This is the first in a series of what the company is calling "Immersion Packs", focused and faction/region specific upgrades to refresh aspects of the game."Third...

Europa Universallis - Hungary Patch

Thursday, 20 Apr 2017
It's been only 2 weeks since the release of Mandate Of Heaven. A DLC that changed the way Asia worked, reworked several of the core ai mechanics and the introduction of the Golden Age. Paradox Interactive are certainly keeping us on our toes and we must admit it's hard to not get excited about...

Life in Utopia: First Impressions

Friday, 14 Apr 2017
The 6th April was quite a grand day for Paradox with the release of not one but two DLC's for Stellaris and Europa Universalis IV. I did keep my eye on all the trailers and developer diaries. However now that Stellaris: Utopia has been released, I, ScuttleShip, decided that I should have a look...

Gamereplays Discord Server Launched! Join the chat!

Thursday, 13 Apr 2017
Hello fellow gamers! Gamereplays have opened our own Discord server, with a channel for each of our active games and more. Discord is a text and voice chat service designed specifically for gamers and gaming. It comes with Steam and Twitch integration and plenty of fun features to keep...

Mandate Of Heaven announced!

Thursday, 16 Mar 2017
Mandate Of HeavenMandate Of Heaven, Paradox Interactive's latest DLC for Europa Universalis IV sets to be released on April 6th this year. EUIV has received a steady stream of updates since its initial release and this one could be the best yet!Asia, a continent that can best some of the most...

Steel Division: Normandy 44 announced!

Friday, 10 Mar 2017
Hello Fellow Gamers,Paradox has announced a new additional to their World war 2 Gaming line up with the recent announcement of Steel Division: Normandy 44.This new game focus on in WW2 at the height of the invasion of Normandy by allied forces into Germany controlled french lands in 1944.Steel...

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit announced!

Wednesday, 1 Mar 2017
It is time to get away from space and look at that small planet in space called 'Earth'. Apparently, Paradox decided to reveal all their treats this week. It is finally time to get a look and next upcoming Cities: Skylines expansion, what this time focuses on something different: "Mass transit"....

Stellaris: Utopia release date and price has been announced!

Monday, 27 Feb 2017
Stellaris fans have speculated what could the potential Utopia release date and price be since the expansion had been announced a few months ago. Thankfully, Paradox has decided to be merciful to their fans and to delivered both sets of information. While the speculation on the price was not that...

Crusader Kings II 75% Discount

Friday, 17 Feb 2017
To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Crusader Kings II, Paradox are currently offering a 75% discount on the main game from their site. Thus you have a price drop from USD 39.99 to USD 10.00. In addition to that, they are putting up the South Indian Potrait Pack as a free gift, in addition to...
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Stellaris: Utopia announced

Friday, 10 Feb 2017
We all reach for the stars for many reasons. They challenge us to explore, they dare us to explain. They prod us to expand, but, most of all, the universe offers every space-faring race a chance for a new beginning. This is the perfect opportunity to create the perfect species and to reach new...