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Stellaris - Humanoid Species Pack

By FallenXE - 23rd November 2017 - 16:12 PM

In Developer Diary #95, Paradox Interactive covered something other than the upcoming Cherryh update for Stellaris, which is the Humanoids Species Pack, that they have been working on silently for some time.

This pack comes as a result of the Stellaris's Art Team having a lot of extra time on their hands while their Coder and Content Designer colleagues are busy working on the Cherryh update and thus they've decided to respond to fans demand to more humanoid portraits and extra ship-sets.

The full composition of the pack are as follows:

So what's in the Humanoid Species Pack? Here is the feature list:
  • 10 new Humanoid portraits
  • A completely new ship set inspired by classic western sci-fi
  • A new city set for Humanoids
  • A new pre-scripted empire, the Fanatic Authoritarian/Materialist Voor Technocracy, with a portrait inspired by the 'loading screen aliens' from our own official art
  • 3 new advisor voices offering alternative takes on existing ethics, based on the United Nations of Earth ('Dignified Xenophile'), Commonwealth of Man ('Disciplined Militarist') and Voor Technocracy ('Ruthless Materialist'). Samples from each of the new voices has been attached to the bottom of this post.
  • 3 new music tracks that are remixes of classic Stellaris songs
Source: Paradox Interactive

The Humanoid Species Pack will be available on December 7th 2017 at USD $7.99 or your regional currency equivalent but those who wish to pre-order it can head over to Paradox's site to do so!