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Stellaris: Distant Stars Story Pack Announced

By FallenXE - 28th April 2018 - 17:55 PM

At the start of the week, Paradox announced the latest Story Pack for Stellaris, titled: Distant Stars. As stated, it is a story pack similar in the vein of Leviathan and Synthetic Dawn and it will be accompanied by the 2.1 'Niven' Update.

Check out the reveal trailer below!

So far, one of the main features of the story pack that has been announced is the inclusion of "L-Gates" and "L-Clusters". Gateways had been introduced in the Apocalypse expansion / Cherryh update and this seems to be a natural continuation of the idea. The L-Gates that are in the game will be operational but will not be usable until the player collects what is termed as "Insights".

As mentioned by Paradox: Insights can be collected in a wide variety of ways - from anomalies and exploration, from defeating certain enemies, and from researching a repeatable technology that becomes available once your empire is sufficiently advanced to conduct independent research on nanites.

Once the player has managed to gather sufficient Insights, the gates will become operational and L-Clusters will become accessible; these are clusters of star systems that are on the Galactic Rim and are not normally connected to the normal hyperlane network. Other features for Distant Stars have not been revealed as of yet but it has been hinted that players will encounter Leviathan-esque creatures lurking within these L-Clusters which could form the reason why they were locked down to begin with.

The release date for Distant Stars is yet to be announced but Paradox's site has it retailing for $9.99 USD. Paradox are currently offering a wallpaper, a unique forum icon and avatar for those who pre-order the story pack!

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